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    Default Swept away nubee

    We Stayed at CSS December 2012 loved it!

    Looking at Swept away in March with 2other couples

    I am a tennis player so heard they have courts

    Sounds fun

    Please respond

    Thanks Joe

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    Since you posted this in the Au Naturel section, just want to be sure you know that Swept Away does NOT have AN facilities. They do have tennis courts as does CN. CN has AN facilities.

    I'm sure you will enjoy your trip to which ever couples property you choose.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    You posted this on the wrong board. This board is intended for people wanting to discuss the Au Naturel sunbathing on Couples Resorts. There are no Au Naturel areas at Swept Away. You will get more responses if you post a question like this on the main message board.

    With that said...

    Swept Away has 10 tennis courts, 5 clay and 5 hard. I believe they are are all lit so you can play at night. They are located in the fitness complex across the road from the main resort area.

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    I don't think Swept Away has an au naturel beach...

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    Tennis at Swept Away = Yes

    Au Naturel at Swept Away= No

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    Oh sorry

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