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    Default CTI March 10-24 9 weeks today - HELP and reassurance needed :(

    Hi there,

    Anyone else travelling ot CTI in March? Fancy meeting for a cocktail one evening? It will be our first time in Jamaica and was really looking forward to it but some of the latest TA reviews seem very negative with regard to block one etc. We only had the money for a standard Garden room and I am now paranoid that this will be in block one as it is just our luck.

    Feeling anxious that fater spending nearly 4K it wont wow me like I hoped it would??

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    It looks like we will just miss you as we will be at CTI April 5-14. We have always booked Ocean View rooms but I've never heard complaints about any of the rooms. The resort is so much more than the room. I'm confident you will really enjoy CTI. The resort, food, activities and staff are outstanding. Don't be anxious, be excited... less than 90 days to go!!

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    We are coming back home to CTI for our 15th stay in late February. We have stayed in many rooms at the resort, including garden rooms. Our garden room was on the second floor, and we had no issues with noise, etc. Some friends of ours recently stayed in a garden room on the first floor, and said that there was some noise from the hall at times, but no big deal. If for some reason there is a problem with your room, just report it to the main desk, and they may change your room. As you can tell by the number of times we have stayed at CTI, we LOVE it there. Everything there is wonderful! You will have a an awesome vacation there, especially if you relax, be calm, respect and enjoy the staff, and enjoy everything the resort has to offer.

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    I'm not sure which block we were in, but we ended up having a Garden View two of our nights there. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I prefer the ocean view myself, but it was still breathtaking.

    I was worried, too. I ALWAYS WORRY. It'll be fine. And as the poster above me said, its muchh more than the room. The only thing we used the room for was sleep, recovering, honeymooner things, more honeymooner things, and to get dressed. Otherwise, we were always away.

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    We stayed last spring in a garden view room. They are in the main building. I LOVED it. Even more than the ocean view room we had previously down at the far end of the resort. I don't know if the main building is block one or if there are more garden view rooms other than the building we were in, but regardless, you'll be fine! Noise was never an issue, location was ideal (no long walks to and from the room), and the room itself was wonderful. Even bigger than our previous ocean view room. And the garden was beautiful. I don't know that I'd ever book anything else. In fact, we're about to book one again for this May. Can. Not. Wait.

    CTI 3/10
    CTI 4/13
    CTI 5/14?

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    So, Couples resorts have been written up as one of the best in the world. Taking a look at it for bang for the buck. You are getting a great return for the money. I am returning for second time. I am very excited.

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    Hello there, It will be our firt time in Jamaica as well. We will be arriving on the 17th - 23rd. I've heard nothing but great things about all Couple's resorts. We are very excitied, and counting down the days. Would like to get together for a cocktail one evening. Like to meet new people.

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    We are going for our first trip this March as well. Excited about the trip...of course worried about whether this was the right resort since the beach is smaller, however I think we will like not having all the other traffic on it. All the reviews have been wonderful and i'm hoping the trip is just as spectacular.

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    Hi Every-one - we are a bit nervous too - we have been to Sans Souci twice (loved it) and thought we would try CTI - and all of the reviews sound great! I am sure we will all have a great time! Sharian - we will be there at the same time - would love to get together for drinks! We will be there 18th to the 25th - perhaps we can get a group together to meet up for drinks and party!
    Dave and Cheryl (Hastings, ON)

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