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    Default transportation to & from Swept Away

    My husband gets terribly car sick, he must be driving. We are concerned with the transport from the airport to Swept Away and back. Can a car be rented for the trip?

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    I would not recommend it - they drive on the opposite side of the road and traffic is nuts. He can always request to sit up front next to the driver.


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    Are you British? Is he used to driving on the left side? I'm an excellent driver but I don't think I'd want to attempt that my first time in JA.

    You can take a small plane transfer.

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    have a Red Stripe and a handful of Dramamine, i cannot fathom a scenario where renting a car in Jamaica would be a good idea- id start by calling your car insurance relationship here in the states for a list of reasons.

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    You can certainly rent a car, but if your husband has never driven on the left side of the road, Jamaica is not the place to learn. The roads are narrow and there are all sorts of obstacles that you won't find in North America (can anyone say goats?). You can always checkout TimAir or International Airlink and fly from MoBay into Negril. It's pricey, but if he's going to be carsick otherwise, it would be worth it.

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    You can also hire a nice car with a driver that would be more comfortable than the van. We use Island Transfers and Tours.

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    I would NEVER consider renting a car in Jamaica. Not only do they drive on the left side of the road, it appears that they follow a unique set of "rules" that we do not understand. They are aggressive drivers who are fearless about passing on curves while using cryptic horn honks to warn approaching traffic. Most drivers will brake for a goat, but pedestrians are often not as lucky.
    Flying from MoBay to Negril on Tim Air would be a great option.
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    Unfortunately, he must drive or he will be sick. So it seems theonly real options are taking another plane or.... I guess that's the only option, lol. Thanks for the input.

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    You might want to look into flying from Mobay to Negril. Tim Air provides that service as well as one other carrier I believe. Small plane that lands in Negril very close to Couples Negril which is just down the road from Swept Away
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    I rented a car the 1st time in Jamaica and drove all over from MB to OR then to CN I used the car for side trips and to go to dinner on HIP STREET
    Most of the time it sat in the parking lot Now I use the shuttle plane it's so much faster and they have a rewards program plus you get to speed by all that check in BS - you feel like a VIP for $100

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