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    Default CSA Review 12-28-13 to 1-3-13

    We were originally booked for Couples Barbados but made the switch to CSA once the property was sold to Sandals. Best decision ever!

    We had an uneventful flight to MBJ. From reading these message boards, I decided to book Club MoBay. I cannot stress enough the value in doing this. We landed at 2:25 on Saturday and were seated at the very back of the plane. Two other planes arrived while we were waiting to deplane. We walked off the plane and saw the Club MoBay representative with our names and quickly headed to immigration. We passed thousands of people. I asked our rep how long the line would have taken if we had not used her services. She said a minimum of two and half hours. We then breezed through customs and made a quick stop at the Couples lounge to check-in for the shuttle. We literally had time for a rum punch and quick restroom break before we were on the shuttle. I checked my watch once we were seated on the shuttle 3:10. The way we looked at it was for $100 we were having a drink on the beach while others were still waiting in that horrible line. Best money we ever spent!

    We had an easy ride to CSA. Our driver was friendly and our bus was full of repeat guests. Everyone was happy and excited. Check-in was quick and we next stopped to make dinner reservations. Because we were there for New Year's Eve, we also needed to make reservations for that. We stayed in a Garden Verandah Room #2111, Building 7. We had a very quick walk to the beach and could see the water from our porch if you turned your head just so.

    We had dinner at Lemongrass the first evening. It was delicious and very romantic. After dinner we took a lovely stroll on the beach. My boyfriend proposed under the stars. So special. Of course, I said yes!

    The next several days were spent parked on the beach. I am an early riser so we had no trouble getting chairs in the shade. We did a couples massage and it was amazing! My only regret was not doing another! We also did the catamaran and snorkeling. Other than eating and drinking, we didn't venture too far from the sand. We luckily stumbled onto the Silverbirds show on Wednesday night. It was one of the highlights of our trip.

    We ate at all the restaurants. Everything was delicious, although a bit more variety would have been nice. The room was nice--we didn't spend much time there. It was always clean and fully stocked with mini bar supplies and toiletries. We had no trouble with our shower as some have stated. All the bars were fun and drinks were top-notch. Nothing ever tasted watered-down and we had no complaints. We also didn't have issue with the bees or sand bugs. I did use Off whenever we were on the beach after dark since I am prone to bug bites. Every staff member we encountered was friendly, outgoing, and had a servants heart. They make the resort!

    The New Year's Eve gala was out of a dream! There was SO MUCH food! The dancing and entertainment was a blast! There was a balloon drop at midnight followed by releasing "wish lanterns" out over the ocean. We did question giving fire to so many drunk people but fortunately no one was injured! (LOL)

    We had an amazing time. Our entire discussion on the way back to the airport was when were we coming back. One additional piece of advice: when loading the shuttle for the trip back to the airport, DO NOT get on the shuttle until you see your bag also loaded. We pointed out our bag as instructed. Once we were at the airport, no bags. After thirty or so stressful minutes, our bags were found on a subsequent shuttle. We were relieved but I could have done without that little stress. Next time, I will wait to make sure my bag is on the same shuttle as my body!

    If you are on the fence about CSA, just book! If you are on the fence about Club MoBay, just book!

    Happy 2014 everyone!

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    nice review overall but I did not care for the comment about staff having servant's heart, a bit derogatory sounding to me.

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    Having a servants hear is a biblical reference and is a compliment. Nothing derogatory.

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    Oh goodness. I never meant that to sound derogatory. Having a servants heart is absolutely a compliment. It is biblical as Sublimebrad noted and means to meet the needs of others without being asked. I apologize if I offended anyone.

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    Great review! We are first-timers going to CSS in just over 3 weeks! It is so exciting to read the details about getting there because I keep wondering what our first impression will be. Congrats on the engagement!!

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    VJP: Thanks for the detailed review. We are very excited to arrive at CSA on Thursday. Congratulations on your engagement!

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    I think Zara needs a cold Red Stripe!

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    Congrats on your engagement and thanks for the review!! 122 days til our first time at CSA!!

    P.S. Don't apologize for "offending" anyone. Good grief, people are just way TOO sensitive and jump to irrational conclusions at the drop of a hat!

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    Well....We had such a wonderful time on our trip that it was an easy decision as to where to go for our honeymoon! We just booked tonight for July 28-August 3. We can't wait to go back! Two trips in a year. Now, how to convince new hubby to keep this pattern going for the next 30+ years.....

    Since it is our honeymoon, we decided to splurge on the Beachfront Verandah room and are considering to the little plane into Negril. If anyone has any thoughts on that, we'd love to hear them.

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    Congratulations ! We always book the Beachfront Verandah Suite. Love it ! We book the 1st floor and it's a couple steps off your verandah and on to the beach. We have the Continental breakfast delivered to our verandah each morning where we enjoy coffee and rolls while watching the ocean and greeting the people who pass by. (we are early risers). Around 8:00 am we head to a real breakfast and then to the beach. It's nice being able to conveniently return to the room, via the verandah door which they give you a key to now, for forgotten items or a bathroom break. We also watch the beautiful sunsets from our verandah.

    For the last several years we have rented a stretch limo which picks us up at the airport. It has chilled Red Stripe and Champagne ready and we enjoy a nice ride to CSA. On our return trip the limo is there before the buses. Our driver gets us to the airport before everyone else and we are first in line to check in. This is our guilty splurge, and one we enjoy. We have friends that take the plane each year and love that.

    We are true vacationers and we relax quite a bit while there which is what we also enjoy. We did parasail last year. Fun, but once is enough.

    We were married in June 2011, and in January 2012 we did the dinner on the beach for our belated honeymoon. Love it ! Very romantic. (We were not bothered by sand fleas, if you're worried about being in the sand.)

    The next 30 years ? Of course......why not !!! Ya Mon !

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    was the rum punch at the couples lounge or the club mobay lounge?

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    Just a note about the private dinners on the beach and the sand fleas...I would recommend to always use caution because different people react differently and it can depend on the weather conditions (ie: if there was a late afternoon downpour). When we were at CSA in July, a couple had the dinner on the beach and the next day, the girl was absolutely covered in bites. She had to get a shot from the DR the following day because the bites worsened and were really itchy.

    I am a sand flea/mosquito magnet and I use Avon Skin-So-Soft lotion in the evenings; it has seemed to help me avoid bites over the years in Jamaica, although I did get a couple of bites when at CSA in the summer. I think it would have been much worse without the lotion.

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    May I ask what limo service you use? I am thinking about surprising our group with it next Oct.

    Thanks much,

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    Thank you for the review, We have been to CN 8 times and CTI once with a day trade to CSS, we are booking CSA for the 1st time this July to celebrate our 15yr anniversary. You are right about the staff making the vacation all that much better, we still keep in contact with past staff that have moved on or moved completely.

    I was reading another thread about some of the restaurants being closed on Friday night, can you tell me if they were or not?

    I'll have to check into the Club Mobay, we have either taken the shuttle or TimAir, Ge can I get the name of the limo service you use, I'm all about relaxing when I step on the plane till I step off and have my feet in the sand.

    Thank you for the info vjp1974 and congrats on your engagement and Wedding.

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    Club Mobay has good rum punch. They will even pour you a cup to go!

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    It is the Montego Bay Limo service. They have a website or you can inquire at: [Q Howard Dunn is the owner and the person I set it up with. I've told him that some have inquired about his service on the message board. You can tell him that Susan gave you the information. We are booked for this Saturday the 25th. We also booked the Club MoBay arrival service, so that will get us to the limo and a cold Red Stripe fast !!!!! A group would work well with this service and be a lot of fun. Enjoy, it's worth it.UOTE=MommaB;235564]Ge,
    May I ask what limo service you use? I am thinking about surprising our group with it next Oct.

    Thanks much,

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    Thank you for all the well-wishes.

    We had the rum punch in the Club MoBay lounge. Delicious!

    We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and flew home on Friday so I can't speak to the restaurants being open.

    We are SO ready to return in July for our honeymoon. Hurry up July 28!

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