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    Default Wedding photography at CTI!!! Who did you use???

    We have decided to have our wedding at Couples Tower Island because the wedding location on the private island looks beyond perfect! We are concerned with the photography at the resort though. Who did you use for your wedding photography at CTI? I've only found VERY few pictures of wedding photography done by the resort photographer that did not look great to me at all. So what I am wondering is, If you used the resort photographer would you recommend them? Also, if you did not use the resort photographer, who did you use or who would you recommend? If anyone has any pictures to share PLEASE post them it would be so much help!

    Thank you!!

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    Marissa, Congrats. Contact Stacey Clarke Photography. I meet her while on property at a wedding a few years back. Check out her web and face book, don't forget the E's in her name, run it together. I plan destination weddings and use her every chance I get. One of my couples got married as one of those "other All inclusive: resorts. Well that major Chain (hint starts with an S) does not allow off property photographers. Stacey came to the resort and took them off property to the light house and some other places to get some amazing shots! My bride was thrilled, they got more pictures with Stacey for the same cost as the S chain wanted for their few. Plus no big advertisement in the background! ~ Take care Trish at White Beach Wedding

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    Just curious, when is the wedding?

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    I will add my 2 cents here. We are wedding photographers in Houston and hired Stacey Clarke to photograph our vow renewal at CSA. She did a great job in what can be a very nerve racking situation when working with another photographer. A word of warning, Couples does charge a fee for her to come on site. When we booked her she split the cost of the fee so that helped. She did before pictures, a first look, the renewal and then we headed off site for pics. We did the light house and then an area of secluded beach right before a storm blew in. I would HIGHLY recommend her for a wedding. What I would not do is use the resort photographers. We ended up getting some images they took and the color balance was not good at all. Basically they all looked Sepia which should not happen. best of luck to you!
    Scott & Becca
    Caffreys Photography

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    I'm not a photography expert but I was totally satisfied with our resort photog at csa. I sure wouldn't be able to afford a fee for her(even if she pays half) to step on site then a photo package too. I realize people(including couples) need to make a profit but the prices are too high for what you get imo. For our vow renewal in April, I'm not sure what to do. When we got married 10 years ago at csa, prices were alot more reasonable. We can't afford any of the packages,I just can't see spending so much money on pictures for a vow renewal, resort photog or outside vendor.
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