Saw a list like this on other threads...

May 31-June 6-Tom n Lori-20th anniversary
May 31-June 7-Rum Girl
June 1-9-Kruse2014-honeymoon
June 7-14-Mgiovi4467
June 8-14-Mike & Laura-3yr later moon
June 9-15-mundaywas-honeymoon
June 14-21-benandmiranda-5th anniversary
June 14-21-Moustache
June 15-19-sperry-25th anniversary
June 18or19-22-heytoni
June 18-25-kjnjimbo-25th anniversary
June 20-27-kev3la
June 20-29-socal
June 21-26-onloveonlife
June 21-28-thezugelders(+4)
June 24-July 4-Cdnkev&deb-25th anniversary
June 28-July 5-suzyQ
June 28-July 5-Lindsay Michelle
June 28-?-Jimnmariann
June 28-July 5-caribbeanlovers
June 29-July 5-Michelle & Vern
June 29-July 10-The Captain
July 1-8-the meers-5th anniversary
July 1-8-Steve and Susan
July 1-12-The Mayor & Cathy
July 1-12-Chris & Denny
July 3-12-Jndp
July 4-?-cands
July 4-18-Mulse
July 12-19-JD&T
Hope I didn't miss anyone-please feel free to make changes

44days for us!