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    Default Is there an extra cost for the in-room minibar at CSS?

    Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere but couldn't find an answer. Are the in-room minibars in your room at CSS free or is there an additional cost? Just don't want to get surprised by a minibar bill at checkout.

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    It's included, you can order top shelf booze for your minibar but that would be an extra charge.

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    There really are no hidden fees at any of the Couples resorts. Your mini bar is included. There are only a few things that are extra, such as spa, upgrading wine at dinner, gift shop, romantic touches like dinner on the beach, and night dives.

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    No - yay!


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    All-inclusive. Fabulous!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You only get charged if you request something that is not normally supplied. We wanted a bottle of rum cream. It was delivered to our room and we had to pay for it at the end of our vacation. We did get extra of some of the things that were normally stocked in lower quantities and we were not charged for them.

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    No, not unless you order some the high-end liquors.

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    It's is all free and they filled it every day if you want.

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