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    Default Swimming in the Sea at Couples Negril

    Planning to go to Negril and wandering if someone can tell me about swimming in the sea a couples Negril. How deep is the water exactly - does it go over ones head? I see that there are ropes which I assume you are suppose to stay within for swimming. Hope deep does the water go at the ropes? Last resort the water was only waste deep - what a dissapointment.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    The water gradually gets deeper, and I think it got past 6' by the rope..but the rope is only there as a barrier for the wave runner/parasail vendors. You can go out as far as you like, and it's a smooth bottom, pool like clarity in bloody bay

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    I am 6'2" and the water at CN at the outer rope line comes up to my shoulders. The rope line is the point which is for swimmers only and no boat or water sport traffic.

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    cn is on bloody bay
    it is calm and a flat exit out from the water line
    the ropes 2 sets keep the jet skis and hustler at arms length
    yo can probably walk 200 yards from the water line before it is over 6 feet deep. if you decide to swim out past the rope you will encounter the water sports which include the hobie cat kayaks and the dreaded jet skis
    at the rope you are probably 5.5 - 6 feet deep
    hope that helps

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    The swimming in the sea at CN is great. The water is about 5 feet deep at the ropes. The swimming area is huge!
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    Default Water Depth @ CN

    When we have been there the past two summers - out at the rope is about 6ft - maybe a little less....

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    I haven't stayed at Couples, but am looking into them and want to know the same thing... But I'm wondering what the last resort you stayed at was, that you referred to?

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    If you want deep water within the ropes, you need to go to CSA. Their rope area is much larger too.

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    The roped in swimming area is relatively shallow, unless out at the ropes edge. Although there it is still under 6 feet deep.

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    The water gets a bit more than shoulder high. There may be areas that are a bit deeper. The ropes are there because there are jet skis that go by. They can be rented.

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    Out by the rope that marks the swim area, I would say the water is maybe 6 feet deep or so. I'm 5'6" & it's just over my head. I can't touch bottom but hubby could last time we were there.

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    Although I have not been to CN I have been to the resort next door and can tell you that the beach and water are AMAZING!!! The powder soft sand goes out as far as you can touch. The water at the ropes was just over my head. (I'm 5'5) You will not be disappointed!

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    Question for those in the know: We've been to CSA in May/June, Aug, and Nov. I seem to remember the last time we were there, which was an August trip, the water was much more shallow than the other trips. I'm 5'8" and it was not even to my chest out at the rope. Does the depth change with the season? Or do you think it was because we were there a week after a hurricane? Someone mentioned the depth at the rope at CSA, so that made me go "hmmmm..." because of our last trip there. I remember being bummed it was so shallow that time.

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    There are two sets of ropes, parallel to each other. I swam lengths and snorkeled between the ropes, It was empty so i didn't bump into anyone on a float and the outer rope ensured I wasn't in the way of the jet ski's.

    between the ropes again was still 5-6 ft,

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks everyone for the information! We booked for Dec 20th and very much looking forward to our first vacation in Jamaica.

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