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    Default WiFi changes at CN

    Just thought I would give an update on the wifi at CN for the curious.

    We got back a few days ago from CN and they've done some work on the wifi.
    Now there are different access points throughout the resort.
    There are individual ones for each of the buildings (cgnwifi1, cgnwifi2, cgnwifi3, etc.). They have added other individual APs for different areas (cgnbeach, cgnpool).
    You receive a user name and password upon check in and it will work for the other APs as well.
    The overall quality seems to have improved. The signal at the room and the pool was outstanding. We were able to Facetime and Skype with family and friends on Christmas day and on the days it rained I was able to stream movies from my home server back in TN.

    The signal at the beach was a bit hit or miss at times.
    It seemed that it would lose the connection or that we would have to log back in (at least on the iPhone) whenever we would move between the beach and other APs.
    iTunes radio would connect but take a long time to establish the connection or have very long wait times when changing streaming music.
    Oh, and Pandora is not available in Jamaica

    At first I was annoyed, but then I realized that "Hey moron, you are working online the rest of the year, enjoy the break."
    I didn't need streaming music, there were great musicians walking up and down the beach all day.
    I didn't need Facebook, I knew what those people were doing anyway.
    I certainly didn't need any work emails getting through and taking me out of our paradise holiday.
    So I put the phone down, put the tablet back in the beach bag, ordered another drink and had a fabulous vacation.

    The internet service there is great, just remember that unplugging from our little online worlds can be a good thing too.

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    We were there in Dec. and found it best by the grill but very hard to connect in building 4 and the beach. Didn't care on the beach, as I agree it's nice to unplug. Would've liked to catch up in the room at night though.
    Maybe they made changes. Seems they put in new locks too. Before we left it seemed like staff suddenly extra busy prepping for Xmas and high season.

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    I am glad to read this and see that the WIFI is ok near the pool. I have 3 kids and it is always bitter sweet to leave them. So we skype them once while we are away. Last time we did it from the room which was fine, but I cant wait to skype them where they can see a great view like us!! Thanks for the info! 169 days seems too far. LOL

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    I wish they would block streaming media. Wifi at CSA is unusable.

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    Can you make calls back to the states over the wifi? Trying to avoid international fees if we need to be contacted or call back as we have 4 kids at home.

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    We made phone calls through the WIFI at CN in December back home to MN on my Galaxy S4.
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Awesome thanks, that's what I was hoping to do as well. Otherwise we were thinking since data and text are free I could enable the hotspot on one phone and connect the other one to it in order to make calls over our own wifi

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    I also made calls back home to TN over wifi using Google Voice.

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