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    Default Deluxe Ocean Room at Tower Isle

    We have booked a Deluxe Ocean Room for Tower Isle but I can't locate where those rooms are located on the website map. Anyone have any information?

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    I think buildings 1 through 4 have this class of room. This class of room has a view of the ocean but the Island may or may not be obstructed. On our last trip to CTI we were in building 3 on the third floor. The room was classified as a Deluxe Ocean Room. There were some palm trees in front of the room, but we still had a spectacular view, even of the island.

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    How are the buildings numbered? Do the lower numbers overlook the Main pool or is it on the other side closer to the swim up pool? we are excited to get there next month.

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    When are yall going? We will be there Jan 10-17..getting married on the 13th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitkatnpat View Post
    We have booked a Deluxe Ocean Room for Tower Isle but I can't locate where those rooms are located on the website map. Anyone have any information?
    We have this class room booked for our trip in June. When are you going to be at CTI? I would love to hear what you think of the Deluxe.

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    We were on the second floor of building #4 near the end of the resort over looking where couples get married and the view was magnificent!
    Building #5 is the one going towards the back at the very end of the resort. Not sure what kind of view you would get from it.
    If you ask me, either building #3 or #4 on second or higher floor will give you great view of the island/ocean!

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    Whenever we booked deluxe ocean view, we always ended up either in building 3 or building 4 by the pool.

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    Does anyone know the specific differences between the Deluxe and Premier Ocean rooms? It's difficult to tell from the website, looks like perhaps just larger bathroom/balcony? Are they in quieter or generally better areas? I'm debating upgrading if it's worth it.

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    My husband and I booked the Premier Ocean View room. We have never been to Jamaica before, but thought, since this is our first time, we would go all out. It looks like from all the pictures that with the Premier room you get an unobstructed view of the island and ocean, with the Deluxe, looks like palm trees and such could be in your way of the view.

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    Ah, thank you Robbi. So it's really just views? The Premier Ocean View doesn't have a larger bathroom/balcony? I guess I could just get off my lazy butt and call them lol

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    Here is the view I had from room 4212!
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    Yep. I do know the difference. I've stayed in both. As advertised, the qualifying difference is the view. However, that said, many of the premier rooms are also larger, and many have walk in closets because they are in the original building which is an older style, although totally updated, and the balcony is also much larger. That said, you could also get new building premier room, more like a small standard hotel room and I've gotten a very small one in the main building. Having been there six times, I once thought size mattered and anymore it's all about the location for me. And for you it will be about what matters most to you. Both are just fine.

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    So which building, new or old, has the walk in closets for premier? What are some of the corner premier room numbers. It appears they are slightly larger. We are renewing our vows in Feb and would like a room with the larger balcony and away from the swim up bar. We booked the premier ocean and I would like to request ( even though it may not be honored) for a specific room number.

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