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    Default How Did Santa Arrive at Each of The Resorts??

    Can anyone at each of the four resorts tell us all what conveyance Santa arrived on, and what goodies he gave away this year??

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    This year at CN, Santa arrived in a carriage by way of the beach. Last year he arrived via a dune buggy so it was nice to see them switch it up.
    I will say that the horse did get a little spooked with all the people surrounding it, taking pictures and trying to pet him, but the handlers were good to recognize this and led him away after a while. One of our friends that went with us this year is an equestrian and noted that when they have blinders on and get surrounded like that they tend to get overwhelmed and nervous.
    Our goody bags had Blue Mountain coffee, strawberry and guava jams, Jamaican hot pepper sauce and seasonings, and I'm drawing a blank on what else.
    It was a great experience, especially for our friends who were first timers.
    We've only been back for a few days and can' wait to see what they do next year.

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    At CSA in 2013 he arrived on the beach on a John Deer tractor with antlers on the top.

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    Cool!! Would love to be there on Christmas, but my "children" (30 and 33!) wouldn't hear of us not being here for Christmas!

    Anyone at CTI and CSS witness Santa's visit this year?

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    At CSS Santa arrived via speedboat to the main beach, then he went up to the lawn area where a huge chair awaited, we all took turns sitting in his lap, and getting our photo taken and he gave me a bottle of rum cream!!!

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