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    Default 2015 Fall Booking

    Anyone know when to expect to be able to book Fall of 2015? Thought many of you long time Couples goers may know approx. when to expect it to be avail from past experience. Happy New Year all!

    Can't wait for our next trip to CSS!

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    Usually around February 14.

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    If you are booking directly through Couples you can book now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug View Post
    If you are booking directly through Couples you can book now.
    Not online you can't. I checked. Besides, won't there be some early booking deals perhaps with resort credit to hold out for?

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    We usually issue “next year” rates by the end of February.
    Right now our booking engine rates go up to 12th of April 2015.
    Beyond that date you can book by calling our reservation office.

    If you book today and later on we issue a different promotion you can call our reservation office and we will make the change under our best deal guarantee – you can find details on our specials page:
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    One thing I am wondering... Since the 2014 and first half of 2015 rates were announced together, will there be a new set of specials for booking the first half of 2015 around that February mark?

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    Thanks all! Will be looking forward to booking end of Feb - beginning of march for our next trip!


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