I have a question that I haven't seen posted on this board before. My husband and I will be returning to CN for the second time this coming September (we've also been to CTI twice and CSS once), and for reasons that are too lengthy to mention here, we will probably be arriving at the airport on separate flights at different times, although on the same day.

My question is this: Has anyone ever arrived separately from their partner? There may be up to four hours difference between the time his flight lands and the time my flight lands, and I don't want my husband to have to wait in the airport for four hours until I arrive. It would be better for him if he could just get on the shuttle to CN and check-in. When I arrive hours later, I can just get the next shuttle and meet him at the resort. However, I don't know if Couples will let us do this. Will Couples force him to wait in the lounge for four hours until my flight arrives? If anyone know and/or can offer some advice, I'd appreciate it.