2014. It still sounds like a date in a movie to me. And being in the 21st century sounds like an episode of “the Jetsons”. I don’t feel out of place or anything. I’m firmly planted in the here and now. But having been born in the 20th century and growing up with the number 19 as the first two numbers in every year I knew, the words “twenty fourteen” don’t exactly roll off of my tongue.

I was around 8 when the book “1984” by George Orwell came out, and I remember thinking at the time that it was eons away.
It was probably more like thirty-five years away. But I was pretty young so thirty years out wasn’t computing in my head.
I also remember that we figured out how old we would be in 1984. I was 44. Imagine how that made me feel. That was really old.
And we tried to imagine what the “future” would be like. The early fifties “space shows” on TV looked fake even back then so that didn’t help us to envision anything real.
However, as time went on, we soon forgot about what our futures would be like, and just lived the regular day to day life of the early fifties.

2014. There it is again. I had 59 years of life during the 20th century and 59 years of “19--”. I’ve only had 14 years of life in the 21st century and only 14 years of 20--. I suppose I should get it by now huh?

And I do. However, the older one becomes, the longer the shadow is that they cast. But, as I said, I am living in this century and I, along with millions of others on the planet, look forward to ushering in another new year. Twenty fourteen. There I said it. It really wasn’t that hard.

We are all in this together boys and girls. We all strive for many of the same things in our lives. If Jamaica has taught us anything, it is that there can be much more harmony and contentment among the people of the land, in spite of overwhelming hardships that they face every day in their land of plenty.

I wish you all a very healthy, happy, fulfilling new year. May we all find more contentment and harmony in our great land of plenty.