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    Default First Time Couple - Visiting January 18th - 25th

    Excited to finally make it to Negril, looking forward to a great time! Would love to meet and hang out with others also staying during the same time. Any tips and advise on things to do, places to see, gotchas, etc are very welcome.

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    Hope your trip is off to a great start, only 6 more months until we're back in Negril. Wishing we could be there now though, as arctic air has just set in our region for the week. Drink a hummingbird or two for me, those are my favorite. Though the dirty bananas and yellow birds are good too. My husband loves Appleton VX and cola. Explore the resort, get a massage, shop the local vendors on the beach. Have fun! The water sports kept us occupied, just as much as we enjoyed just sitting at the pool bar. Try it all, or try nothing. We had a wonderful time doing both.

    Let us know how your trip is going, or how it was..

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