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    Default CSS - Walking the Beach Past SSB

    Is it possible to walk the beach past the nude beach? If so, would we have to disrobe to cross the beach, or just shield our eyes!!

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    No, SSB is separated from the main each by a rocky peninsula. To walk the nude beach, you too must be nude, which you should definitely try at least once.

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    I undersatnd SSB is separate from the main beach. I was wondering if the beach past SSB is available to the public to walk on.
    While we LOVE CSS, the one thing I do miss from our one trip to CN is being able to walk along a beach.
    BTW, we did do SSB once last year... just not for us...

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    i would have thought that if you turn up at SSB clothed (just like everyone else), and then just walked across the stream instead of taking your clothes off, no one will worry - everyone turns up with clothes on and puts them back on again before they leave.

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    Well you would have to wade across the river and then there is a small public beach (I would guess it would be about the length of SSB) and then there is another resort with their own beach so not really anywhere to go...


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    We spend our days on SSB and have tried putting our bathing suits on to walk across the river but the security guard stopped us and said because it was off property it wasn't the safest thing to do. Besides you could only get as far as Shaw Park next door then the beach ends and it's a pretty small beach.

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    Great! Thanks for the info... sounds like this is not a good option.
    Returning home March 2014!!!

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    just go later in the day for sunset time when cloths are ok

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