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    Default "Free" golf included at CSS

    Just wondering if anyone has made use of the inlcuded golf that comes with a vacation at CSS? I try and golf once per week during the summer at home and my wife is an occasional golfer. Would we enjoy the course at Ocho Rios? Any information that is provided would be much appreciated!


    CSS Soon Come... 5 weeks from today!

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    ExcitedPeggers The golf is free... but club rental, cart rental, caddy (mandatory but worth it),tip, drinks at the turn will cost you about 80 dollars each. I'm not trying to sway you from golfing, but the "free" golf will still cost you. If you do go don't forget to bring balls, tees, glove etc... if not you will have to buy it all at the pro shop.

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    We (myself and two friends I met at Sans Souci last year) played the course that is part of the package. We had a great time and it is a nice course. We are headed back in 47 days and I look forward to playing again. It is not free but it is worth the expense. It was the first time I had a caddie but it was a good way to converse with a local. I'm not a great golfer but I play about 50 rounds a season and enjoy the game. Enjoy your trip. Jeff

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