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    Default Progress CTI Nightclub and CSS martini bar?

    We are wondering when the nightclub at CTI will be ready to use? We are also wondering where the martini bar is being built for CSS and when that may be ready? Repeaters returning on July 4th.

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    We were there in November and it wasn't anywhere near complition. The best that I could get out of anyone as to when it would be ready was, "Soon come mon". We'll be there in April and will report on any progress.

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    Richie, had they even started the night club at CTI?

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    It was in progress when we were down there, and I was told 60 days. Hoping that means "before Oct 14", mon.

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    CSS is getting a martini bar? Hadn't heard that but I think it's an awesome idea. Our first trip to Jamaica was to Sandals Whitehouse. They have a martini bar and it was relaxing to hang out there before or after dinner.

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    CSS martini bar was under construction when we were there just before Thanksgiving. It looked pretty close to being done at that time. Attached is a pic from Nov. 27. It is located on the lower terrace just below the Balloon bar main terrace.

    Wish CSS would add a night gets a little lame at night at CSS and the piano bar gets real old after a few days. They really need to mix it up. (they could easily turn the Palazino restaurant into a night club in the evening). I know night life isn't everyone's thing but there are many who do and would enjoy something more than a piano bar later in the evening after the show.

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    The word at tonight's repeaters dinner was that the martini bar will possibly be done next week but should be done by new year's.

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    Just returned from CTI. They were doing some electrical work for the disco. Soon come.

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    Can anyone give an update on the construction at the CTI nightclub? Hoping it is ready by the middle of February.

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