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    Has anyone done the chukka comba excursion? Can you give me details, how long is the trip, what to wear what to expect? Thinking about doing this but want some ideas. Also swimming with the dolphins. This is our second trip and would like to venture out, we never left the resort the fist time at Negril, we are going to Tower Isle this time Jan 10-17. Any help would be appreciated..thanks in advance!!!

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    We did the zip line trip from CN - Although I'm not sure if it would be the same trip from the other side of the island. Both my wife and I really enjoyed it, and though it was worth the money. However, we didn't think it was worth a second trip as we thought it would be the same experience. From Negril it was basically back to Montego Bay area, so there was about 3 hours spent in the van one day (total for both ways)

    You will be hot, and get sweaty, so shorts and a tshirt are ideal. You need to wear closed toe shoes and will have to do some walking/hiking between the various parts of the 'course'. I think the course was about 6 different zip lines, some short ones, and some longer ones. They break the trip up in to smaller groups, so its not like you're ever really waiting in a long line, just for your small group of 10 or so to complete each section.

    I would totally recommend it though if you've never done it - or done something similar elsewhere.
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    We did not do the combo excursion, but we did the the standalone ziplining when we went this past March. I think it was about $100 a person. It took a total of 3-4 hours. we rode the bus to the place, picking up people from other resorts along the way. We were told we could bring cameras and such, but when we got there, we were told we could not take any personal items with, so we had to use a locker to put our stuff in. The lockers were free, but you had to pay $5 for a lock. You can double up with people, and split the cost of the lock, because the lockers are nice sized, or just not bring anything with you. The tour guides help you get into your gear, and then give you a demonstration of how you are hooked on, and where to place your hands and such. You then get in another shuttle, and drive up into the mountains. It is a pretty bumpy ride, and if you are tall, you may bang your knees on the seat in front of you. Once you get to the end of the road, you get out and hike some more, until you reach the initial platform. From there it is literally all downhill. There are a total of 9 traverses. The first one you are standing on the ground, and as you walk forward, the ground slowly falls away from you, as you travel a short distance to the platform. By the end, you are running and jumping off platforms (or being pushed off, if your legs won't stop shaking). The final traverse is somewhere around 600-650 feet long. The entire trip is amazing. Tour guides are fantastic and HILARIOUS!! Never once did I feel in any danger, and even my wife who was scared to death at first ended up having a great time, and wants to do it again!

    Recommendations to bring with:
    Shorts (jeans may be too hot, but khaki or cargo work great)
    Tennis-shoes or hiking shoes, depending on your preference
    maybe some bugspray before you leave the resort.
    cash for tips for the guides and bus driver
    cash or credit card to buy souvenirs, drinks, picture CDs from the shop afterward

    Don't worry about a hat, sunglasses, or camera/phone we had to put all that stuff in a locker anyway.
    We have read that you should not bring anything and leave it on the bus, as sometimes things have gone missing when left unattended on the bus.
    They supply you with the harness, helmet, and gloves.

    Be prepared for a bit of a hike over uneven terrain. Its not that bad, but some of the step up/downs are pretty large. They have railings/rope to hold onto during the more intense portions.

    We didn't do the dolphin swimming.

    Definitely do the Dunns River Falls Tour, it is free, and a blast. They record parts of the climb, and will sell you a dvd afterward. I took my own camera with, and they took pictures of us at certain points as well. I also filmed the whole climb, with the camera hanging from its shoulder strap in the waterproof container. If you have a go-pro or something similar that you can chest mount, that might work best.

    I know you can take a tour of where Bob Marley grew up, as well, if that interests you.

    We are the opposite of you: We spent last year at Sans Souci, and this year are going to Negril. I can't wait to do THAT ziplining excursion. From what I have read, the final zip is almost a quarter mile long, and you go up to 35 mph as you cross from one mountainside, over the river valley below, to the opposite mountain!

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    We did the zip line from CSA last year. I was a long ride back to MoBay. Be careful tho, one zip line allows cameras and the other doesn't. Ours didn't, which we didn't know until we got there. We had bought a GOPro and all the harnesses for it but we weren't allowed to use it, even tho we could have put it on our helmet. They say it's a safety issue for their employees. I believe it's just to get more money with the pictures that they take. It was nice but I wouldn't do it again. We did the Appleton, Black River, YS falls the year before it was much better for your money.

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