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    Default 2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA

    2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA.
    March 20, 2010,
    Radisson Inn, Plymouth, Massachusetts

    Join us for an evening of fun and laughter as a group of die hard Coupleholics band together for an evening out.

    Our special guest will be the one and only Randymon.

    So plan on joining us and drop RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM an email letting us know you want to attend

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    All those people that have looked and
    read about our little New England par-taa but haven't responded. They must not be anywhere Massachusetts. To bad.


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    A lot have looked and many have inquired. I don't know what to say.

    Slow and steady is the pace and I am sure as time goes on it will pick up even more. Who can't resist an evening out with Randymon?

    Wondering what PAR TAA goodies he will be packing along with him?

    Interested in finding out? JOIN US!

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    With us extending our stay from 8 days to 12 this coming April, the cost of traveling east is prohibitive....however, if Southwest extends their $25 fare sail to cover the PAR TEE time frame we will have to seriously conside making the trip!

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    And I would like to remind those that are coming, I have a special gift for the person or persons who travel the furthest distance to get to Plymouth. Right now, it would appear that Randy is a shoe-in, coming up from Florida. So if there is some couple out there from say, the mid-west, west coast, anyone up in Anchorage, it be worth the trip, just to see what you will take home with you.
    Sorry, I can't say anymore at the moment.


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    SUZNJOE......NHMON....Crabracer......SUEANDBILL... ...
    STEVE&LIN......Miss Kitty......JAMERICANBLONDE......
    Bonz1962& N1rfu......JamieTrish

    and more in the process of deciding.

    So far we have them coming from Brewster, New York, Portland Maine, New Hampshire or is that New Hampster? Vermont. How about you Coupleholics from Rhode Island or Connecticut?

    You're all welcome to attend this event. Just drop me an email and let me know your interested.


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