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    Has anyone seen any record stores in Negril?


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    There is one at MoBay airport but that is the only one we have come across. There might be one on the cliff end of Negril if at all. Most of the musicians on the beaches will have ones for you to purchase and I think there are a few CD's in the gift shop. If you are looking for CD' husband uses Amazon for most of his reggae and has really good luck with the pricing...and he finds really obscure stuff. If you are looking for may find a store in Kingston but I doubt Negril.
    Holly Irvin

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    Thanks. I am specifically looking for vinyl. I wasn't able to find anything online, and was hoping that someone might know. Maybe I should ask one of the musicians; they would probably know.

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    I still think Kingston is your best bet. MAYBE MoBay because it's even more touristy. We have been to Kingston and it was super cool...just ask the resort to get you a driver for the day. That way you can go to the Bob Marley museum as well! Good luck!
    Holly Irvin

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    May I ask what you're looking for vinyl for?

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    I am little unclear. Was your question in terms of type of music? If that is the case, nothing in particular; I just wanted to browse. See if they had something that I could not get in the US, or see if price was cheaper.

    Or why vinyl, as opposed to CD or mp3? I like the retro quality. I am sure most will defend it as better in terms of audio, but I am not sure that I can tell a difference (especially on my cheap turntable). A lot of new stuff is now on vinyl (most of which includes either a CD or digital download).

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    My question was why you were looking for vinyl specifically. I'm a big fan of vinyl, too! My new hubby (fawnridge on here) has over 4,000 albums, which occupy one wall in our house, as well as a beautiful collection of the limited edition color vinyl. Those are in clear sleeves on a wall in his home office!

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    That is quite a collection!. I am jealous. I am just starting out, and have a ways to go to get anywhere close to that.

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