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    Default Zimbali's Cooking Studio

    Has anyone tried Zimbali's cooking studio, near Negril? It is rated as the #1 restaurant in Negril by TripAdvisor, but I have never seen anyone mention it on the boards. I did a search, and found nothing. If you have been there, I would be curious about your impressions, how you got there, how you made reservations, etc. Thanks.


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    I am wondering the same thing and did a search on this board last night. I am also interested in it. Seems like a fun thing to do.
    When are you thinking of going? We are headed to Couples Negril at the end of February.

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    We are going to be at CSA on Friday. If we go, I will let you know how it works/is.

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    Thanks Craig. I'm sure you will have a great holiday! If you do go to Zimbali, I would love to hear about it.

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