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    Default CTI - Best place for Friday Lobster night?

    So we arrive at CTI on a friday - where is the best place to go to take advantage of the lobster night? Where has the best dish?

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    You need reservations for Eight Rivers or Bay Side. So these two restaurants are out of the question.

    The Veranda restaurant you order off of the menu and they will have lobster. Space is limited and you may find yourself waiting a while for a table.

    The Patio restaurant will also have lobster. However, they will have lobster that is an ingredient to a dish. Like Lobster Bisque for example. Usually you won't get lobster tail at the Patio. The patio restaurant is the largest restaurant on the resort and you usually do not need to wait for a table.

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    Eight Rivers by far

    We had the best lobster that we have ever gotten in any restaurant in the Caribbean this past September. It was a big piece of lobster and it was cooked perfectly.

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    I forgot to mention. Eight Rivers and Bay Side are their premier restaurants and require a reservation. You can not get a reservation until you are actually at the resort. These restaurants also have a dress code. So bring the appropriate attire if you plan on using these two restaurants.

    See the link below. Near each restaurant look at info and hours. It will give the dress requirements for each restaurant.

    Immediately after you get checked in and get your room, make your reservations for these two restaurants at the Concierge Desk. This is located in the lobby area. You may also want to get booked for the Catamaran Cruise at the same time. These reservations fill up fast.

    Only 48 more days until we return to CTI. Getting a little closer every day.

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    We were at CTI a couple of weeks ago and the Patio served lobster tails. They were wonderful!!!!!

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    We enjoyed Lobster Night at 8 Rivers, and while you arrive on Friday, you may still get a reservation, depending on the time of year. It's worth it to check it out. We have also done Lobster Night at the Verandah. Both had very good offerings. It depends on how you want it served. 8 Rivers has a sauce, Vernadah does not not. Be aware too, that the Caribbean lobster is not the same as Maine Lobster.

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