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    We just got back from CSS and I have a question about part of our repeat guest gift. I had signed us up for the oils and candle but got a small basket of Jamaican food items instead (which I think is awesome). We received a packet of jerk seasoning, some allspice, guava jelly, and an unidentified nut/seed. We meant to ask about it while there but forgot about it until we got back and showed someone our souvenirs. It looks kind of like a pecan, but rattles when you shake it. My guess would be nutmeg, but want to be sure. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    sounds cool!!
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    I agree, I have enough candles, oils and t-shirts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    I agree, I have enough candles, oils and t-shirts.
    Couldn't agree more. I have 3 t-shirts and oils and candles are not all that exciting. Time to mix it up. One night of a free "upgrade" on dinner wine or the box of Jamaican spices would be my vote.

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