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    Default A few questions about CN for 1st timers

    My wife and I are headed to CN in late May and, after reading many reviews, I have a few minor concerns/questions.

    I suppose my main concern is hearing some negative feedback about big groups being loud and rowdy and radios playing loudly at the pool. Has anyone experienced these issues? If so, is there anything that can be done about them? I'm hoping to have a lot of chill time and unwind.

    Also, is there a real issue about getting seating at the pool? Some reviews say people will "hold" several chairs and that it's hard to get a place.

    Wondering, too, if there's much of an issue with getting seating in the restaurants and if you can get a drink just about anytime of day.

    We are really looking forward to relaxing. We like a nice beach, a great pool, available staff, and great people. We'd appreciate your feedback as we're wondering if we've chosen the right place to go. Thanks.

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    My wife and I normally visit the first week of June, around the same time as you will be there. You shouldn't have a hard time getting a spot at the pool, as long as you don't sleep in til noon! You may encounter large groups, but they are normally not a problem, there are a few exceptions to every rule though. The main pool contains the swim-up bar, and this is the social focus of the resort, so it does tend to be busy and can get a bit exuberant. This of course depends on the crowd, we have seen quiet weeks of snuggling couples, and busy weeks of happy, somewhat louder revelers. This time of year is considered "off season" and the resort may not be at full capacity, so we have never had a problem getting into restaurants. You will have your minibar in the room if you want to get started early in the day, but the pool bar and AN beach bar are usually open by 10 to 10:30. We have done CTI once, and this will be our 6th trip to CN. I firmly believe that if you go to CN with a relaxed and friendly "vibe" you have chosen the perfect resort.

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    We just spent 8 days at CN . . . this time there were no rowdy groups. Honestly, it's really luck or the draw (or lack thereof). However, you can always sit at the beach (very nice!) or choose a location at the pool that is distant from the swim-up bar if you're worried about it. Also, they tend to congregate in the mid-to-late afternoon, so you'll generally be fine most of the day regardless.

    As for chair hogs, must admit that this trip was the worst we've seen. There were folks who reserved prime pool chairs (with umbrellas) before 7:30 am and kept them until 4 pm. That would be fine but for the fact they sat in the chairs for less than one hour total in 8.5 hours, thus depriving the other 450+ guests of the right to use those chairs for 7.5 hours. Not cool and very inconsiderate. That said, we have always found PLENTY of chairs at the pool and on the beach regardless of how crowded the resort is. And the shade at the beach is provided by plenty of trees so no issue having enough.

    Never had any issues getting a seat at a restaurant. Part of it is being flexible . . . IF (and we've never had this happen in 9 trips) your restaurant of choice is full, there are at least two others (most nights) with open seating. Also, if you're at all "worried," consider eating early -- when restaurant opens -- or late (after 7:45). You'll be fine. As noted, we have NEVER waited for a seat but do tend to eat on the early side.

    Drinks are available at the bars starting at 10 am. Before that, you have your mini-bar in your room and champagne at breakfast. At least two bars, and sometimes three, are open during the day and evening . . . I think the piano bar closes at 2 am. You will never lack for a drink!


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    We found it impossible to get a chair and umbrella around the pool when we were there last year. Had no problem finding a chair on the beach. Once again, chairs were saved but not used for hours, very selfish.
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    Also, during breakfast there are make your own bloody mary's and mimosa's.

    You will find enough chairs by the pool and the beach, we've never had a problem finding chairs by either. They may not be the "perfect" spot, but if you're looking for a place to put your stuff while you enjoy the pool or the ocean, you'll be fine.
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    Couples Negril main pool is like two pools the upper pool and the lower pool with the pool bar, there is a small water fall where water flows from the upper pool to the lower pool. If you want quiet and to chill than lounge around the upper pool and use the Cassava Terrace bar which is right next to the upper pool and you will be fine most of the louder crowd or party crowd hang down at the lower pool at the pool bar the pools are segregated enough that you should not be disturbed at the upper pool by lower pool activities or large groups at the lower pool.

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    I am going to tell you right now from what you said in the message, you have definitely picked the right place. The beauty of CN is that if you want a quiet peaceful laid back vacation, you can have it. if you want to be more involved and social, you can have that too. Most people are very considerate of each other. The staff is awesome and people are just in a good mood. It truly is paradise for everyone.

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    I'm the one who started the recent group thread. Sorry if it makes you have second thoughts! As mentioned, it depends who is there at the time. Hopefully no inconsiderate people. The beach is an easier place to escape it than the pool. Honestly, if we encounter rude behavior again (such as loud music) I will talk to management. I pay the same as they do and have the same rights to enjoy my vacation without having to move away. Luckily I think it's only a small percentage of guests.
    We had no problems getting beach chairs ever. Only stopped at the pool in the afternoon.
    We also had no issues with dinner reservations. Otaheite would be booked for 7:00 the next day, but fine 2 days out. We went twice in 8 nights by booking 2 days ahead.
    We did have to wait at Heliconia, but just had a drink. Also had a wait at Lychee but had pager things. We do like to eat at prime time around 7:00-7:30 though. Just don't wait until you're famished to head to dinner.

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    We are returning for our 4th trip in just under 3 weeks which is prime time and the same time of year we normally go. I think once we encountered some obnoxious pool bar people...a big group from a southern state...luckily they were mostly golfing and only there for a long weekend. They didn't have the loud music but the wives could not hold their alcohol and were embarrassing to watch.

    I have heard stuff from the staff about really loud and obnoxious guests and they aren't really allowed to say anything so my suggestion is to go to management if you experience any issues. I totally agree with jamaicanmecrazy ...I paid for a vacation same as everyone else and how dare anyone try and make their vacation any more important than mine. If I want to listen to loud music around the pool, then I would have returned to Mexico or booked another resort. I worked at record stores for years including in NYC so I'm not stuffy or anything like that...but I am not rude enough to make people listen to the music I like as I am aware that it might not be someone else's taste. Perhaps these people need to go to the "S" resorts and pay top dollar and then they can feel entitled and do what they want.
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    Just want to say that not everyone from a southern state is obnoxious.

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    First Timers,

    This will be our 3rd time at CN. This is the only resort we have returned to. I will tell you that by late afternoon you may find some loud folks at the swim up bar. It happens but hey, everyone is on holiday. There are so many places to get a drink, or walk around, you don't have to be around loud people unless you are sold on going to the swim-up bar at 3:30pm.
    Do some people grab a chair? Yes they do but, there isn't a bad spot on the resort (poolside or at the beach).
    Resort etiquette is that you get a chair and stick with it. I often sit at the beach for an hour or so, read, have a coffee, swim. Then I go for breakfast. Does this mean I have 'reserved' a chair- I guess so. But if I eat for 30 minutes and return then I don't feel badly. What is not acceptable is taking a spot at the pool AND the beach. But here's the thing. Those that do it are seen by many people. Let's face it, gives us something to talk about at dinner.
    One of the nice things about CN is that there are plenty of repeaters there ( that tells you something) and we take great pride, as do the staff, of the resort. And I do find that there are far more kind and gracious people than there are rude folks. I have had resort experiences that it seems like a 'rush or competition' to get a drink at the bar, pool chair, etc. NOT at CN- everyone is there for fun.
    In the last 2 visits I have yet to hear music that was too loud. There is always someplace to go if there is music at the pool that is too loud ( I have never heard music too loud). I would say the average age at the resort is approx. 37-43 so I would suspect music might be something we all enjoy. If you see the drunk folks in the late afternoon and it's loud, stroll the beach, check out the shops, join an activity, head to the grill bar or....grab some nachos at the grill, walk back to your room and enjoy a snack

    We leave in approx. 1 month for our 3rd trip. I hope you have a wonderful time and please try to take negative reports with a pillar of salt. Yes, crappy things can happen, but it can happen anywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimnmariann View Post
    Just want to say that not everyone from a southern state is obnoxious.
    Haha! I know...the first year we went, we met a couple from Florida...still friends with them to this day. Plus the closest thing I have to a sister lives in Atlanta. I just couldn't remember what state they were from, just the accents. I think people who think they are special and therefore everyone else has to suffer...can come from just about anywhere
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