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    Default CSS Tennis Courts? Location and facilities?

    In looking at Google Earth to see where the tennis courts are located it looks like they are sort of away from everything. How are the bugs?

    Does anyone have any pictures of the courts or the area? Is there a clubhouse, bar, or anything located out there, or just courts?

    Tennis geek question... About the surface of the courts. I already know that the description I read of them being Har-Tru is wrong and that they are hard courts but does anyone know what type? Is it more similar to a Deco-Turf surface? Lakcold? Or is just painted asphalt?
    Thanks much!

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    I'm starting to think not many folks play tennis at CSS and that in turn makes me wonder even more about the state of the tennis facility at CSS.

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    The tennis courts are located beyond the pond (behind A/B blocks). Not far away...just not on the beach. No, there isn't a clubhouse/bar close to the courts. We've played a bit and haven't run into a bug problem. Sorry, we haven't taken any pictures.

    Not sure about the surface of the courts (wouldn't recognize one vs. the other) as we're not serious tennis players...just playing on occasion. The courts are well maintained and CSS hosts a large tournament annually. The times we've been there they've had a visiting tennis pro giving lessons twice a day.

    Perhaps contacting the resort directly for the detailed info would be better.

    Good luck!!

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    When we stayed at CSS in March, we were in A block, which is the building closest to the tennis courts. They are located just on the other side of the pond from that building. We never made it to that side of the pond, but on our side of the pond, the bugs were not bad at all. The only time we ever had any issue with bugs is when we made the mistake of having our windows open to listen to the tree frogs while we got ready for supper. The light from the room attracted them inside, and we ended up having a few mosquitos and a couple bees in our room when we got back from supper.

    To my knowledge, they are just courts. The closest bar to them is going to be the Sunset Bar on SSB. So after you are done playing some tennis, you could unwind and enjoy the AN experience with a nice cool drink and dip in the pool/ocean.

    109 days until we come back home!

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    The courts are not far at all (especially from the rooms on the lower level near the beach). The courts are well maintained and usually a visiting pro is in residence.

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    Thanks all!

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    Played there hard courts
    Decent shape

    I think there's only 3 courts

    But it was so hot even at 830 am
    For a seasoned player 45 mins was plenty

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