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    Default CN & CSA: Ready to book, but no deals:(

    We have finally decided on Jamaica (first time) and have an acceptable deal on air for Jamaica. But now there are no Couples deals for March. We'd like to go to CN or 2nd choice CSA. Current rates are just too high for our budget, with the crazy price of air.

    Has anyone booked air before they find a deal on the hotel?
    March being prime season, is it likely prices will go down. I keep watching hte "Wednesday deal" but it's never for CN, nor for March. Any advice?
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    Are you able to go in April instead? I was initially looking at March too and ended up pricing it out for each week beginning at the beginning of March. I noticed there was a good drop off the first week in April and an even larger one the second week. So, we're going in April. I couldn't justify not saving the money; it was a large amount. Though if you don't have that flexibility, you don't. March is peak season still. And I think as of 10/30, prices will only go up. Don't quote me as I didn't really pay a whole lot of attention to the details of the specials, but I think we are still in the time where you can get 2010 early booking deals???

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    Default couplelicious wednesdays

    Sign up for the Wednesday Couplicious emails where they send you the weekly special, and give you until midnight to book. We knew we were coming to Jamaica so we booked the air first. If you have your mind set on Jamaica go ahead and book the air.

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    Thank you for the suggestions.

    I have been watching the Wednesday deals, but nothing for CN and March. My only chance of scoring a deal is likely on the Wednesday deal, as I did read prices are going up Oct 31st.

    The current rate for CN is $3000 for this a good rate? I'm thinking it's high, but since I never booked Couples before, I'm not quite sure.

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    The cheapest travel time is end of August to end of December with the holidays being highest. As someone else posted, rates do drop in April fro April to August but the savings is nit as significant.
    Peak travel time is Jan thru April, so the rates will be highest.
    If you can wait until later in the year, the savings will be higher.
    Your other option is to wait for the Secret Rendezvous for March. You don't get choice of resort but the saving is great.

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    Looks like Randy read your post...
    The Wednesday escape this week is just for you!

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    Newbie, does the $3000 include your airfare? If so that is a pretty good deal, infact with out airfare for March that is not bad. How many days?

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    I hope Newbie saw the Wednesday special this week!

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