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    Default American Airlines...Flight times don't make sense??? Anyone else having this prob?

    Ok...I even called AA about this and I don't think they understood what I was asking. I'm just afraid that our reservation is screwed up and something is just not right. Here are the times of our flights and the times listed for travel time. Why don't they match up?

    Depart Denver 7:20 AM
    (travel time 3h 50m)
    Arrive Miami 1:10PM (this leg of the flight is accurate)

    Depart Miami 2:15PM
    (travel time listed as 1h 35m)
    Arrive Montego Bay 2:50PM

    Why is the flight time 35 minutes but the travel time is listed at 1h 35m??? Same thing on the way back. AA customer service does not understand what my concern is. Am I losing my mind? Suggestions? Advice? Should I just say screw it and not worry?

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    Miami is in the eastern time zone and Jamaica is in the central time zone. With the time change your flight time is 1 hour 35 minutes.

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    My guess is you're not accounting for the time difference. Jamaica doesn't fall back or spring forward like we do. So for part of the year there is a one hour difference and the other part there is no difference.

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    Daylight savings time (or lack thereof) in Jamaica?

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    Right now both Jamaica and Miami are operating under Eastern Standard Time (EST). In the spring, Miami will *spring* forward an hour for Daylight Savings Time and will be operating under Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) while Jamaica will still be operating under EST. So your 2:15 p.m. EDT takeoff in Miami will actually be 1:15 p.m. EST in Jamaica. Therefore when you arrive in MBJ after 1 hr 35 min flight time it will be 2:50 p.m. EST (and the clock in Miami would read 3:50 p.m.).

    I think this is correct. If not, someone will come along and let us know.

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    Jamaica is on Central Standard Time Zone and depending on when you are flying Miami is on Eastern Standard Savings Time. During the winter Jamaica is 1 hour behind Miami time and during the summer they are 2 hours. That accounts for the difference you are looking at. Does that make sense?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    FYI ~ If your flight is originating in Denver, check out Southwest Airlines. They now have a direct flight to Jamaica! Wish I still lived there. You have to go to Southwest's website as their fares are only posted there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Daylight Savings Time issue I would imagine.

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    i would assume it is because Negril is on C.S.T. Miami is E.S.T.

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    Jamaica is in a different time zone.

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    Miami and Jamaica are both in the Eastern Time Zone. HOWEVER, Jamaica does not do Daylight Savings Time. So half of the year they are the equivalent of Central Time Zone. Hence travel time is one hour more (or less going the other direction) during that part of the year.

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    Lee Ann
    You are not losing your mind

    It is the time change
    You gain an hour going from EST (MIA) to CST (MBJ)
    So, if you go by your departure time zone it will be 3:50 when you arrive, but since MBJ is in Central time zone it is only 2:50

    If you really want to freak out, think about your original time zone (MST). You will arrive in MoBay at 1:50 MST which is before you left Miami


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    time change, Jamaica is NOT on DST, depending upon what time of the year that you are visiting the time will be different that EST. It does take 1.35 hours to get to mobay from mia including taxi, takeoff, landing.

    The arrival and departure times at the airport are the local times at the locality.

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    Looks like it is a time change issue. That is what ours were like this past Oct. It was just due to the time changes we were leaving and entering.

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    At certain times of the year Jamaica's time is one hour different then eastern time as they do not change their clocks.

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    Jamaica doesn't have daylight savings time so during the winter they are the same time as east coast time. After our clocks jump ahead in the early spring they have the same time as the central time zone. You must be flying after the clocks jump ahead.

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    You are not telling us what dates you are traveling, but I am thinking you are going during daylight savings time. Jamaica does not change to daylight savings time. During the winter they are on same time as Miami (eastern time). During the U S daylight savings time, they are the same as Central Daylight savings time. Coming back your clock times should be just the opposite for MBJ to Miami. It should be 2 hrs 35 min approx.

    Hope this might help.

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    Last weekend, I tracked the flight that we will be taking next February on a website that does live flight tracking.

    An observation about our flight. From the time our flight entered airspace over Cuba until the time it touched down in Montego bay was approximately 50 minutes. The website I use has a log that lists the latitude and longitude of the flight every couple of minutes. Using my favorite Internet search page I found when this aircraft was near Miami and when it entered Cuban airspace. I would estimate from this same flight tracking that it took at least 40 minutes to get from Miami to Cuba.

    Adding the amount of time it takes for the aircraft to take off and begin to gain altitude, I would say that the 1h 35m time is accurate. I would say that whatever document or website that is telling you 35 minutes has a typo. To travel this distance in only 35 minutes would mean that your aircraft would need to go close to Mach 1.5. No passenger aircraft can go this fast.

    Don't worry. AA makes this flight daily. They will get you there safely. Enjoy your trip to paradise.

    Only 51 days until we return to CTI

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    This is due to changing time zones.
    Bonnie & Jon

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    In your particular instance, the time inconsistency is because you are crossing a time zone. Mine is the same, I take off at 9:50am, and land at 10:30am, for a flight time of 1h 35m.

    However, we have a MAJOR issue with our flight times. Originally, we were supposed to leave MBJ at 2:30pm, and get into DFW at 6:30pm, then leave DFW at like 8pm. Now, we still get into DFW at 6:30pm, but our connecting flight to leave from DFW is scheduled to leave at 3:40pm the same day... So our connecting flight is leaving while we are still in the air heading to DFW... I don't think we will be making that connection. When we looked for alternatives, they do not have ANY non-overnight flights, unless we want to leave Jamaica earlier in the day. We specifically booked those tickets because it gave us the most time in Jamaica, while still being able to get home in one day.

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    Jamaica is an Hour behind all is good mon.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Change in time zones. The arrival/departure time is always in the time zone you are in at the airport you arrive/depart (arrival time for arrival airport, etc.) So if you would use the same time zone it would actually be 3:50 in Miami, where it is 2:50 in Montego Bay.

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    Jamaica does not observe daylight savings time. So when we are on daylight savings time, they have the same time as Central Daylight Time. Not a problem with you flight times.
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    Are you flying after March 9, 2014 (when daylight savings time starts)? If so, then it is because Jamaica will be an hour behind when you land. If that's the case though, your flight times on the return trip should appear to be an hour longer I believe.

    I was confused too after we booked for May 2014 because our direct flight to MBJ from IND appears to only take 3 hours but the return trip looks like it takes 5 hours! Actual time in the air is only 4.

    I hope this helps!

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    Jamaica does not observe daylight savings time the flight from miami is 1.5 hours. in the winter jamaica is the same as eastern time in the summer it is the same as centeral standard time

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