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    My husband was thrilled to get this gift under the tree . A trip back to CN this year. Have you surprised your other with a Couples gift before?Name:  1535609_695506080483356_565000983_n.jpg
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    You are the best wife EVER!

    Life is good

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    Our kids surprised us with a couples massage for our upcoming trip to CSS in February! What a joy that will be indeed!!

    Cannot wait!!
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    Love this!! How will he ever TOP that? You are a great wife! Have a wonderful time!

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    Yes, 13 Years ago for our 30th anniversary I surprised my wife with our 1st trip to Jamaica. Randymon called her and gave her the news. We will be going on our 9th trip next Dec. Just got back after the first week in Dec. visit.

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    Very Clever! Did he know when he saw the Red Stripe or did he have to open the envelope? I know if I saw a Red Stripe under the tree it would be a dead giveaway. Have a great time... again. Can you sense the jealousy?

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    awesome gift!!!!

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    I got one of the calendars for my wife, and marked out the days that I booked a trip for December 2014. As she flipped through the calendar to see all the pictures, she finally go to December and was shocked. What made it really special is she tried to book us a last minute trip for this week only to find all the resorts full.
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