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    Default Private Dinner Location at CN

    We just booked our 20th anniversary trip to CN for May of 2014. This will be our second trip to CN. We have also been to COR (now CTI) & CSS. We would like to book a private dinner on our actual anniversary. We have the option of the beach, treehouse, or garden gazebo. I initially thought we would pick the beach but then I thought that the treehouse or garden gazebo would be more private. Any advice on which location lends the most privacy but also a nice ambiance? Thank you! 127 more days!

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    Personally I'd go for the treehouse!! I think the ambiance is perfect for a romantic anniversary dinner. Congratulations!

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    I set this up for my wife and I in the tree house. It was great. They came and got us from our room, which is when my wife found out....surprise!!! I had music loaded for us to have ahead of time and the meal was good, steak for me and fish for her.

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    We were just at CN (11-18 Dec 13) and we had a private dinner in the Treehouse which was very nice and private. The steps going up to the treehouse had lit candles on each step. You can hear the waves hitting the shore and at 7:30PM there is very little pedestrian traffic in the area. We chose the treehouse because we were concerned about sand fleas on the beach. Our waiter (Roshane) was attentive but not obtrusive and our meal was fantastic. We both had lobster tail which was cooked to perfection. Roshane (sp?) met us at our room with a bottle of champagne and two flutes and then escorted us to the treehouse. It was a very nice, romantic experience for our last night at Couples. Highly recommend the treehouse site-you won't be disappointed.

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    I've done it in the tree house and the beach. I preferred the beach. Was so romantic with my toes stuck in the sand and the waves lapping at the shore. Very private and oh-so romantic. Our waitress had music playing softly in the background. At the end of the meal we released 'wish lanterns' into the air. Made for a fabulous evening. Didn't have any issues with sand fleas.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We did a tree house private dinner the last time we were at CN and loved it. I am considering when we go again, this April, whether I will book the tree house again or try the beach. I am worried that the beach is not quite as private, which I loved about the tree house. Reading Coloradojuli's post, maybe the beach is worth a try?

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    We just came back and did the beach and I thought it was perfect. Just loved being near the water but that is one of my favorite things anyway. Even though there were two other dinners set up on the beach, they were separated VERY well and privacy was not a concern at all.

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    We did the private dinner in the treehouse to celebrate our anniversary and it was awesome!! It was very romantic and there was no need to worry about sand fleas.

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