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    Default Beachfront suite at CSS

    Which block are they in and which block is the most quiet?

    Thanks in advance

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    Beachfront are in block A & B. We have stayed in both, and never had any problems with noise. We also always stayed on the
    1st floor since my husband had trouble with steps. We liked either building.

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    A Block and B Block

    We were in A Block-A-06, ground floor directly in the middle of the block. Very quiet and loved being on the ground floor for convenience of walking out the patio doors to the beach and pool. Front door looked over the pond and back door the beach and ocean...perfect!

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    Beachfront suites are in Blocks A & B. B-block is closer to the Palazzina and where the Starlight Gala is set up although A-block has the main pool and Water Sports in front of it. We've stayed in A-block (right where it meets B) and didn't find it to be noisy but think it might be less quiet in B-block (especially near the Palazzina) at certain times. Hopefully this answered your question and you'll get more opinions from those who've stayed there also.

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    A and B blocks are beachfront. Both are very quiet being away from the restaurants with a nice walk up the cliff for Cassanova, the spa and the main office. We stay in A block each time. Both blocks have views of the main grounds, main pool and of course the ocean. We do not spend much time in our room during the day but it is very quiet at night. I have a feeling you will enjoy any room at San Souci.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidbeitz View Post
    Which block are they in and which block is the most quiet?

    Thanks in advance

    Blocks A & B near the main lawn. A is closer to sunset beach, and maybe a little quieter than B, which is next to the Pallazzina.

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    A & B Blocks, As for which is the quietest, they are essentially one building, so no difference.

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