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    Default Use of E-Cigarettes on Couples Resorts

    How are E-Cigarettes regulated on Couples Resorts? Not really smoking and no second hand smoke like a regular cigarette. Are E-Cigarettes restricted the same as tobacco cigarettes on the resort?

    I'm not a smoker, but my wife is. I can not smoke anywhere.

    My wife likes to use her E-Cigarette to take the edge off a little when she is in an area where she is not allowed to smoke.

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    My husband had no problems at the pool bar at CSS last week, and we saw a couple other people with them as well. He didn't use it at meals and we don't hang out in the Balloon Bar, so not sure about those areas.

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    The first version of the Jamaican law treated E-Cigs just like regular cigs. My understanding is that the reason is that when someone smokes an E-Cig in a place where no smoking is allowed (for example a restaurant) the other guests do not know it is an E-Cig.

    This leads to a couple of problems. The other guests are offended and complain to the staff who then have to explain over and over to different people why that person is allowed to 'e-smoke' and in some cases explain over and over to the other diners what at E-Cig is! The other problem is that other guests see that person smoking across the room and assume it is okay for them to smoke so they light up a real cig, the staff asks them to get rid of it, and it leads to an even less friendly version of the first scenario I described. Unless this part of the law has changed (and I heard there would be changes but have not heard officially what they are) then E-Cigs will probably be treated exactly the same as regular cigs at Couples.

    OK outside (away from restaurants and bars), ok on balcony or patio of your room, but not allowed in rooms or other buildings.
    If I have that wrong and things have changed more than I know, then hopefully Couples will respond officially to correct me.
    All the best-

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    If you love your wife, get her to quit!!!

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    I did several people on the beach vaping....and there were some smokers at the Cabanna Grill by Patois....I never saw anyone "vaping" at bars, restaurants....I think like in USA, probably can't use in enclosed areas....

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    If you're not allowed to smoke, you're not allowed to smoke. Couples doesn't "regulate" much of anything, just use common sense.

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    While better than normal cigarettes, the smell of the eCigs really turns my stomach. I have an allergy to strong smells like perfume so it is probably related to that. Thankfully not many people on a beach use lots of perfume but I have found eCig users to be more of a pain than normal smokers (and that is really saying something).

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