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    Default CN new tings sep '14

    BG is ala carte.

    ET team
    Shauna, Bellard, Deen. (Keno is out w/ some arm injury)
    Think Kiev is on leave.

    new piano bar refurb. Wall couch w/ new cushions, etc. Window shades are difft.
    bg stools are new, tables are new.

    sun is up, water is flat. Must go, more later

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    K, what is BG? Yes, Okeno has had a rough go. But he is a very positive young man. Kiev on leave? Any other word on that?
    We were at CSA a few weeks ago and I can say there is no place like home. Soon.....
    Thanks for the update.

    Lisa& Brian

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    new tings Sept 2014

    BG went "ala carte" on Sunday 28 of Sept. - sit down and waitress/waiter takes order.
    (no calamari on the menu when we were there, though)

    Piano bar renovations
    - Wall couch wrapped all along outer wall - w/ plenty of pillows
    - new chairs
    - new blue/white striped window valence

    New tables at BG/Heliconia - round metal strip around perimeter
    New chairs at BG/Heliconia
    New tables (square w/ metal band) outside of BG - on the pool side

    BG bar stools are new - short back
    New tables outside Otaheite

    New 3 legged beach tables (wide leg) - solid white top (non-wood; metal maybe?)

    New 'no smoking' signs at bars (signs were there before, but these are different)

    No veggies w/ entree at Lychee

    No hand sanitizer bottles anywhere (not Cassava, not BeachGrill, not in I.C.)

    No water jug by the "coffee bench" at Terrace Bar/Cassava
    (they still have the flavored water set ups at BG bar and Pool Bar)

    ---Individual signs for some activities set up on easels on boardwalk by BG bar
    ---"Steel Pan" class on the beach

    Guest Relations now opens at 8 AM.

    ---- additionally ---------
    Mini bar was back to the old way - hang the card outside room the night before
    No patois turn down cards - no card or coaster at all (forgot to ask if they were out or permanent change)
    BG bar has a new light fixture (sort of like a huge octopus)
    BG bar has new small fans in the ceiling.

    As ColoradoJuli (and others) have noted, they are planning a veggie bar addition to match the other 3 properties.
    It will be a slight expansion of the existing self serve bar at the back of the BeachGrill area. Government approval & inspection are required, so no timetable is set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by llivingston View Post
    K, what is BG?
    BG = Beach Grill. I tend to type fast/shorthand when at CN and the sun is coming up.

    Okeno hurt his arm playing soccer in the CN tournament across the street. Can't recall if it was severe sprain or broken, but bad enough to keep him out of work.

    Kiev was on leave for maybe 2 weeks? Last year we were at CN a few weeks earlier and he told us he was about to go on leave. Maybe he takes the same time each year.

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    Is Carlos still with Entertainment? (for some reason I think I recall hearing he was pulled to CSA)

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    How did I miss most of that in Sept! We did get the turn down coasters, however.

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    Bert, we were told Carlos took the activities director position at CSA.

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    Rudi ~ Interesting about the Veggie Bar. We spoke with David at the repeater's dinner and he said they had just gotten approval. Guess we misunderstood him. Headed back in May so we will find out more then. I love your updates. I always try to envision them. This time I had already seen some of them. And we too received the coasters nightly (that is when we got turn down service, most nights we were already in bed when they wanted to freshen our room!) LOL!!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    G&P, not sure how you missed it. Having too much fun maybe? We thought maybe the turn-down coaster was a temporary shortage. Good to know - we like them.

    Coloradojuli - thanks. We heard the info on the approval and inspection of the veggie bar twice. 1st, when in piano bar at repeater reception and W. Williams was pointing out the window down to the back of the BG area he said it, and then again when David did the repeater dinner intro speech.

    I think they're emphasizing 'no set timetable' in order to reduce chance of disappointment from expectant guests.

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    Thank you for the great update.
    Carlos is at CSA as is Malcolm...he is the new operations manager at CSA, he was food and beverage manager at CSA. Looking forward to seeing all the updates.
    Thank you fellow CN friends.

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