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    Default One Love Bus Tour at CN for 12/30/13 - 1/06/14

    I'm trying to get a ride together for the tour on 12/30/13 thru 1/06/14 leaving from CN. If anyone has a some room on an existing trip or would like to get one together please let me know.
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    I'm certain Lenbert will have a few trips already planned. Simply email him at He will pick you up at CN or CSA and also pick up other parties from all along the route. I like mingling with the people from different spots. It's peak season so expect the bus to be crowded and overflowing. My fingers are crossed that I will be at CN over the same dates.

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    Good deal! I didn't know if I had to have my own group or if could " Hitch a ride " with another group. Thanks for the info! I hope you can make it there too.

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    Lenbert is a charming host. He will look after you and all the guests. The bus does get packed at beginning but some people come and go along the way. Be prepared for an all ages crew as some folks bring children (on a pub crawl!) You can nurse your drink along a couple of stops if you wish - so you don't have to down a beer at every pub. There will be at least one stop that offers food. We stopped at local establishments that had reasonable, fair prices and were not tourist grabs. It was one of the highlights of my trip last year.

    I know Lenbert encourages a couple of youngsters to finish school. I'm sure he would welcome any school supplies, notebooks or children's activities that you may wish to donate.
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    My only other suggestion is to really watch the timing/schedule - I wanted to do the Catamaran Tour, the one love bus tour, the beach party, repeaters dinner, dinner in treehouse and I had to factor in NYE party. So I needed to map out dates for 1lovebus in advance so I did not miss out on other options. I would have preferred to be more flexible on a vacation but I found that you needed to book some activities in advance and some options were only once a week or on certain nights. I do believe I ended up going on Jan 1 without my partner as he was too hung over to move off the beach loungers.

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    We are booked for the One Love Bus Tour on Sunday, December 22nd.

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    For one Love Bus at CSA- just remember pickup by Lenbert is at main entrance where you are originally dropped off when you arrive. We had several persons who thought it was at other entrance near gift shop and photo area. They eventually found us- so we didn't leave without them.

    Also- being our first love pub crawl, we didn't realize we would stop at a place that had lot of children. The kids broke our hearts, selling lot of things for a buck or two..One little boy, said please My Lady, you buy my bracelet. Should we ever return and do the pub, I will bring school supplies. I loved seeing the children but it also made me feel so bad- you wanted to help all of them, but we only brought along so much money. We didn't drink at each bar and some folks brought their travel mugs already filled with booze from their room.

    Few folks on our bus sat on the bus and didn't get out much- they were on their phones when we stopped at places that had wi-fi...not sure why they didn't get out- maybe had been there before.

    Lenbert made an unplanned stop at a new place that is opening today- called Sky Bar. It was beautiful at night. It's a bar on the cliffs that is lit up with white and blue lights. It also has beds with curtains for lounging on the upper deck. This place also has a hotel, small that they are fixing up. Bought by some Canadians....I hope it works out for them- it is beautiful place to stop for a drink and take in the awesome view at night....

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    Awesome. I appreciate the info. I shall bring something for the little kids. I'm pumped to embark on this trip.

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