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    Default Spa Info Anyone?

    We have not stayed at CSS since if was a GL resort ... a long time ago, and I have no memory of the spa. When I click on the Spa info at CSS I get a generic menu of services that goes on to mention that 'some' of the resorts have relaxation pools and steam rooms. Does CSS have those?
    Which resorts offer them? CN did not have them when were were there last, but I understand some renovation was done in the CN Spa... did they add any of those features?
    Thanks very much!

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    CSS did not have a working sauna at our last visit, hoping it will be repaired in the future. There was another thread on this but I did not search for it to recall what the status or probability of repair was. CTI has the relaxing budda pool in the spa area. css has the mineral pool and grotto near the spa, which I have always enjoyed as part of the spa experience. I cannot give any info on CSA or cn. From some other posts, it sounds as though css is undergoing positive incremental renovations.

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    We have enjoyed the spas at all 4. The hillside spa huts at CSS were awesome, as well as the tree house at CN. However, CTI wins in my book for overall facilities. They had the quiet Buddha pool, two hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas, (on each side for males and females), plus big soaker tubs (that I think were part of treatments). It's all modern and zen.

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