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    Default bus transfer from airport

    Hi- so maybe this is one of those questions where i did not read enough but I am wondering... I booked my flight and stay through couples, do I need to do anything else to make sure I can get a bus transfer to the resort?

    Also I am coming in on Dec. 24th will that make a difference in availability of the bus???


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    You get off the plane, go through Immigration, get your luggage, go through Customs, go out the door, walk a few yards, turn left, and there is the Couples lounge. Someone will ask your name and resort destination and offer you a cold drink. Your luggage will be loaded into a van or car (not really a bus) and off you go to paradise. It's just that simple.
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    Once you land and have gathered your luggage and cleared customs you will make your way to the Couples Lounge.You can't miss it. Provide them your names, sit and have a cold drink and in a short time you will be boarding a bus or mini bus for the resort you booked FREE of charge.

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    There are guests arriving daily- even on Holidays. Go to the Couples lounge as you exit Customs and they will sign you in, check your bags in and have you wait for the bus. It's usually a 10 - 20 minute wait at the most.

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    No problem mon.

    When you get through immigration and customs you will be guided to the airport public area. There are resort welcome desks all over the place. If you ask at any of the desks to direct you to the Couples welcome desk they are more than happy to help out. Or if you walk till you get to the far end wall you can't miss the Couples welcome area. It has been a couple of years since we were there, but I don't think it has changed much. It really is not hard to find and almost anyone in the airport is happy to point you in the right direction.

    You will not need to do anything to arrange for a bus ride. Your name will be on the list for arrival on that day and soon after you get to the lounge you will be directed to a bus and off you go. While it seems to be a bit scary the first time, it really is not a complicated process at all. It will be smooth and non stressing, just like your stay at Couples. Christmas eve? No problem. You will not be the only ones there and they will be anticipating your arrival.

    Have fun, you will love Couples!

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    Couples automatically provides the transfer. You just need to make sure Couples has your flight information and the rest will be taken care of by them.
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    Thanks guys!

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    The only thing may want to do is the pre check in on the Romance Reward page. You put in your flight information when you do this. Do this a week or two before you leave. Even if you do not do this, they will have a bus for you, but if you do it, it seems quicker to get on a bus.
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