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    Default CAH @ CN this week

    CAH @ CN this week
    Hey everybody.
    I've brought my Cards Against Humanity set with us this week to CN.
    If you see a group of 4 laughing uncontrollably while playing a card game this feel free to join us.
    If you are familiar with CAH you know how much fun this game can be.
    If not, well, let's just say if you are easily offended you might not want to play.

    Here's the link for the curious.

    This is a card/joke game to see who can come up with the best gag based on the dealer card.
    This is so much fun that I printed off a copy just to bring down here.
    At the end of our stay, December 28th, I will leave these with whoever wants them or whoever has the most points at the end of our stay.

    Looking forward to a lot of good laughs.
    merry christmas errbody!

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    Wish we were there now, we love that game. We have 2 other couples we play it with. It's an absolute riot. Even better after a few drinks. Coming back in 27 days.

    Duane & Mary

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    Just got it for Christmas and will be bringing in July.

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    I left the game with Kiev (TallPaul) in activities if anyone wants to che k it out.

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