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    Decided to remove this.
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    Some may be wondering what I wrote and why I removed it. I decided it was too harsh. I would still like to make my points, so I will try again, but will leave out some details.

    First off, most of the people we encountered were great. We met some really fabulous people from all over. Some were repeaters, and others first timers. We made some wonderful new friends.

    However, there were a few repeaters who became annoying. Although their intentions may have been good, they shouldnít be attempting to assist staff do their jobs, especially with scuba. There were also some repeaters who made comments about (and even directly to) people regarding their attire, including telling some that shorts and t-shirts were not appropriate for the beach party. There were a couple of other rude behaviours I won't go into detail about.
    Itís not a guestís job, nor their business, how people dress. Likewise it is not the guestís place to blurt out comments about how drunk someone is, (especially when they are not loud or bothering anyone), and start a negative conversation with them (that obviously made many of us uncomfortable). All of this is the staffís responsibility to address. Iím sure they do when itís actually necessary.

    So point 1 - Repeat guests get their perks. We got our perks. But repeat guests should not expect any form of special treatment. I donít care how often a guest returns, they certainly have no right to walk around like they own the place, interfering with other guests vacations and acting better than everyone else.
    Please have respect for other guests as well as the staff.

    There were quite a few groups at CN during our stay. I have read the threads about people complaining of wedding groups. We met a couple of wedding groups and never had a concern. They were all very nice people, and werenít disturbing anyone that we could ever see, even in the restaurants. Otaheite, and Lychee in particular, can get a bit loud from the groups. But the noise was often from groups of repeaters meeting up at CN. So itís totally unfair of people to assume itís always the wedding groups. Now donít get me wrong, itís nice to be social. We met people who we certainly spent time chatting with. Of course not all groups are loud or bothersome. However, it really only takes one or two to create a bad impression. One repeater group brought a boom box to the pool, and then when asked to turn it down by another guest they responded that theyíd be coming for years. Such attitude! The guest turned it down but they turned it back up. We left, so not sure how long it played for. One person's choice of music may not be another's choice. Use of headphones or earphones is just respectful.

    Point 2 - It is a Couples resort, and the focus should be about Couples. Having so many groups of repeaters returning for these meet ups detracts from the Couples atmosphere. It wasnít make or break for us, but it does seem to either have changed, or is just more noticeable at CN. Iím not sure what could be changed. Perhaps there could be more staff management of the loud groups, and certainly no music without headphones. Iíd also like to see fewer groups in the indoor restaurants, other than the wedding groups for their reception night. There are places and times better suited to groups, such as the piano bar, Cassava Terrace, or beach party. If you do go as a group, please respect that many of us choose Couples for that romantic vacation.

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    That's one reason we like csa better. To be fair, we've only done a trading places day to cn but at csa, there is so much more room if we have to move. We have run into large groups on the beach and we just found a new spot. We felt a little cramped on the beach at cn.
    We have run into smokers and radios and don't want to be around either.
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    Jamacamecrazy... i didn't see the original comments, but I do agree with some of your revised comments. We left a couple days after "Mr. Boom Box". I could not believe he was allowed to play this at the pool bar. We are long time repeaters and have never been to the repeaters dinner. We had the unfortunate experience of sitting at Otahete with some repeaters our first year at CN, and have never wanted to sit with the likes of them again. We go the same time every year and see a lot of the same guests. Most, don't try to run the place, but some do. We have pet names for a few.....
    We witnessed a woman telling a first time guest not to drink the water, not even to brush your teeth. Really, this poor first time couple was horrified. My husband and I saw them a little later in the evening and apologized for the intrusion but told them we felt they needed to know the water is fine.
    I think it is just the nature of the beast. Some people want to be big fish and CN is not a big sea. I see no problem with groups of people meeting up, as long as they remember, they are not the only guests.
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    We have stayed 6 weeks at CN and 2 weeks at CSA and our experience has been much worse at CSA with large disrespectful groups. The review I wrote after our last visit wasn't posted and I'm not sure this one will be either. I guess it is just the luck of the draw on who you share the resort with.

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    There is a (thankfully) small group of people who see themselves as 'self-appointed' police of what they consider to be appropriate and not appropriate. You see them on the message board quite a bit stressing over what someone else wore to dinner or some such thing. But thankfully most folks here and most at the resorts are more of the 'live and let live' variety. The staff can (and should) take care of any issues regarding the other guests no matter if it is their dress, behavior, or anything else. Couples is a fine organization with a fine staff and they are perfectly capable of enforcement of any and all rules they decide must be enforced and they really don't need the help of any guests. Some folks just seem to spend their vacation looking for infractions committed by other guests. They act like someone wearing a hat in a restaurant somehow ruined their meal, and if it did then they must have really been looking for something to ruin their meal.
    To be clear, I like the rules at Couples and think the dress codes should be followed and my wife and I always follow them. The staff should enforce the rules and if someone arrives at one of the restaurants not dressed for that restaurant they should be sent to change, and I have seen this happen many times. Where I differ is that I think it is the job of the resort staff to take care of that and they don't need to do it to my satisfaction... just to theirs. It's easy to find something to complain about if that's what you want to do, but it's also easy to leave all that to the staff and just enjoy your hard-earned, much deserved vacation. Enjoy!

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    It is really sad that some feel they can control what others are wearing, doing, eating or otherwise enjoying their vacation. It is OBVIOUS some feel they have that right, if you read this message board. I'm sure those same people who post on here what is the "appropriate dress" or other comments, are some of the same that would probably be apt to speak about, or (wow, the nerve) directly TO another guest. We are repeaters and probably don't fit the "appropriate dress" that some feel we HAVE to wear. We are on our vacation and do what we want. We meet the resort requirements but don't feel we have to go "all out".

    Sorry that you even had to post this but maybe those that were making others uncomfortable will see themselves here. IMO...NO guest has ANY right to make another guest uncomfortable, in any way....either by their own bad behavior, or by intentionally saying something that is not their business. We all work hard to get to take this vacation and deserve to enjoy it as we see fit, as long as we aren't encroaching on someone else's vacation.

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    I will have to agree with many of the comments made by jamaicamecrazy. We spent four years at CN before having enough of some repeaters "helping" the employees with activities. Of course they always won prizes which I was happy to purchase if I wanted them, but it just didn't seem right especially since Couples stresses treating all guests equally. We have been very happy at CSA the past four years and hope to continue.

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    jamaicamecrazy, I'm assuming you were there between 11/29 & 12/13, correct? The "boom box" guy you were referring to was the same person at the scuba shop, right? The "wanna-be rock star"? You are not the only guest that feels this way. He tries to create this large meet-up twice a year, and when I met him in 2011, he was not very cool at all, to say the least. CN Management needs to draw the line with this guy, and it's not just other guests, but staff members too that get tired of him. Management received complaints from other guests on this last go-around, because he was messing with their scuba equipment. We do our fair share of hanging around the dive shop, but this behavior is way out of line.
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    We were at CN during the same time. We didn't witness all, but did see a few. I totally agree with their assessment of the situations. We also agree with Samantha's statements. We were first time repeaters and were totally taken back at how some repeaters treated us. The repeaters dinner is some people's thing but not for us. Did it once, we can say we tried it. Met some great people too. We will be back.
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    Thanks for the support. Thought I might get some negative feedback, but I see others have had similar experiences.
    Just to add, it wasn't so bad for us. The north end of the beach was always quiet, and it's not like we can't handle some laughter and chatting. I just wouldn't have wanted to be a "pool person" looking for that escape from the constant noise of an all ages resort, only to encounter the loud music.
    Personally, we can generally avoid the rude people. So my biggest complaint would be the volume in the indoor restaurants. We enjoyed the food and service, but wish it was easier to hold a conversation.

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