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    Default CSS off resort sights?

    Visiting CSS in March. What is a must see off the resort grounds?

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    Dunn's River Falls, which is included.

    Margarittaville is also included. But then, why go and spend too much money for drinks when drinks are included at the resort?

    The rest depends upon how much money you are willing to spend.

    We did Dolphin Cove while staying at Swept away. This is right across the road from Dunn's River Falls. One of the coolest things we ever did. Think of it as a Sea World type dolphin show with you in the water participating. We also swam in an area loaded with stingrays. Got to hold a male stingray. Expensive but very cool.

    We did a rafting trip. Don't remember the exact name. It was't far from Ocho Rios. A romantic float down a gentle river on a bamboo raft with a guide. Wasn't all that expensive

    Bob Marley was from the Ocho Rios area. There is a tour of the place where he grew up. We plan on taking this tour on our next trip.

    They have a zip line canopy tour in the Ocho Rios area. We may try this n our next trip also.

    There should be a tour desk located someplace on the resort. Ask its location when you check in. They will have brochures with lots of tourist attractions in the area. This is where you book these tours, except the ones included with the resort. The nice thing is that a lot of the touristy stuff is located in the Ocho Rios area. You won't spend half the day on a bus like you do for many of the off resort excursions in the Negril area.

    Enjoy your trip to paradise

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    Leaving the resort for excursions/site-seeing is a double-edged sword. Amazing things can be seen and done, but every minute you are away from CSS, you will probably also be looking forward to getting back! Plus there are so many things to see and do on the resort, you may not have time or want to leave!
    Our favorites:
    We loved Mystic Mountain - fun and exciting excursion with bobsled-track, zipline and infinity pool with slide that overlooks Ocho Rios port. If you haven't visited Dunn's River, you should, it's a blast - and it's Free!
    We've done horseback riding and jet-ski/snorkel trips, which were wonderful, but not at the top of my recommendation list.

    When considering off-resort activities, consider the travel time and the duration of your stay. We prefer to do excursions early on in our trip when we haven't fully relaxed yet so the end of the trip is all about letting sand gravity take over. The Blue Mountain bike tour looks awesome, but we haven't done it as it is an all-day thing. Many other contributors can speak to other private car tours or their favorite excursions.
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    Dolphin Cove

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    If you go over to SSB past the guard, there is a guy there named Keith (aka Rastamon). He does rafting trips up the river. Very enjoyable and not too expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TL B View Post
    If you go over to SSB past the guard, there is a guy there named Keith (aka Rastamon). He does rafting trips up the river. Very enjoyable and not too expensive.
    The ride with Keith is very enjoyable! Ask him to take you to the plantation, it is very interesting and very beautiful! Be sure to take a few $$ with you for the photographer.....beautiful photos and memories!
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    We went horse back riding at Hooves. Awesome experience. Horses are treated well. They fit you to a horse according to experience. And the ride down from the ranch to the ocean goes through an old plantation. Very cool! Riding in the ocean is an unforgettable experience. And its not very far from the resort.

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    Don't miss a trip to the Blue Hole! It is not an official attraction yet so is not over run with tourists. The wife and I went last week and there was a total of one other couple there. Compare that to the hundreds at Dunn river falls. Its beautiful, rustic, and makes for some great photos. Guides are fantastic. E-mail me if you'd like a recommendation for a driver who can take you there, or anywhere else in Ocho Rios.

    Scott and June

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    If you go over to SSB past the guard, there is a guy there named Keith (aka Rastamon). He does rafting trips up the river. Very enjoyable and not too expensive.
    - Although he is at the far end of the A/N beach from the entrance I would like to point out (as I have visions of it happening and the sign saying "no clothes past this point" may put some people off) that you do not have to remove all your clothes to walk over to him just to sort out a booking or to go on the trip itself as the people by the A/N pool/beach won't mind as long as you aren't taking photos of them.

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