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    Default CN Deluxe Ocean Room Question

    Looking at the Map 360, I see the Deluxe Ocean Room listed on the right side of the Map, there are buildings on the other side of the map, are there Ocean rooms in there as well? If not, what catagories are these? Thanks for any info., arriving 1 week from today! Excited to say the least!!

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    The Deluxe Ocean rooms are located on the right side of the resort if you are standing at the shoreline and facing the property. They are located in Bldgs. 7, 8, and 9 I believe. The left side of the resort does not have Deluxe Ocean rooms... I believe these are Garden View rooms. The rooms are the same inside, but location is deiiferent. In the Deluxe Ocen rooms you can see the water. Enjoy!

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