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    Default Best Tactics for restaurants at CTI?? ;)

    All the reviews for Bayside and Eight Rivers are great!
    Can I get opinions on how you say maximize your opportunities to eat at the restaurants at CTI?
    Ex. Do you eat at the two above everynight and mix the rest of the meals with the other restaurants.
    We will be heading to CTI and want to be able to eat as much of the good food as possible as well as enjoy everything else!!.


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    We just got back from CTI. We ate dinner at Eight Rivers twice (Sun & Thurs), Bayside (Wed) and the Veranda (Tues) once each and did the patio buffet the last night (Fri) to enjoy the hugh lobster tails they had. Everything was closed on Monday for the beach party. I suggest alternating days because it looks like the menus change slightly after a couple of days. The patio buffet has great breakfast choices and for lunches we usually hit up the veggie bar. I will say that my fiance had to have his daily dose of jerk chicken from the grill (his 4th meal of the day!)

    So all that being said, I suggest you pick the nights you want to dress up but alternate the restaurants. We booked Bayside for 2 nights but only went there once. We loved Bayside, it was just a little too spicy for our tummies. We opted to try the Veranda for the other night and were not disappointed.

    Don't matter where you eat, you will love it (and put on a few pounds too)

    Have a great time!!!!

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    Both the Bayside and Eight Rivers restaurants are by reservation only. You can not make multiple reservations to these restaurants at one time. Typically during a one week stay you will be able to go to both of these restaurants only once. It is not possible to use these restaurants every night. They are not big enough to handle everyone on the resort every night. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Also, you can not make reservations to these restaurants until you have checked into the resort. This is because your reservation is tied to your room number.

    The very first thing you do after you check into the resort is to go over to the Concierge Desk. It is in the lobby where you check in. Make your reservations to Eight Rivers, Bayside, and the Catamaran Cruise right away as these fill up fast.

    Not to worry. The food at the rest of the restaurants is amazing. I will gain a few pounds during my stay at Couples just because the food is so good. We typically eat most of our meals at the Patio restaurant with a meal or two at the Veranda restaurant.

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    You can eat at the bookable restaurants as many times in your stay as you can get reservations. There is no rule to say you can only go once. If the Resort is full you may struggle to get in but we have never had an issue, particularly if you are not worried about which time you get. Do try them all, they are all good.

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    Hey all we are going to cti on the 3rd of jam and are hoping to eat in all the restaurants however we are a little unsure of exact dress codes for each restaurant and also what resort chic is ? Be very grateful for any feed back thanks

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    8 Rivers is long pants, closed toe shoes, collared shirt for men. Women nice pants & top or dress, dress sandals are fine. It is air conditioned so I take a shawl. The rest nice shorts and shirt for men, sandals okay. Women sun dress, shorts, tops okay.

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    I would book restaurants you need reservations on as soon as you arrive. The Bayside was almost booked and we couldn't get a reservation until the last night we were there. Men will need long pants and closed toe shoes for Eight Rivers.

    We did make the mistake of doing the Catamaran Cruise the same day as Eight Rivers. After we got back from the cruise, we just wanted to take a nap. Instead, we had to get ready for dinner. We had plenty of time, but all the drinking on the Catamaran wore us out!

    We ate at the Bayside, Eight Rivers, and the Verandah one night each and one night was the International Buffet. Our other three nights were at the Patio and my husband and I felt there was enough options to switch up what we ate each night.

    Whatever you choose, you will love it.

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