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    Default The Issa family- No wonder our Couples Resprts are so successful

    On my fifth trip to CSA, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Lee Issa. I had mentioned to my superb spa therapist once that I had never met him. She told me he was actually on property for the week. After my massage (while I'm all greasy), she asked me if I'd like to meet him as he was by the Sports Complex. Of course I agreed!

    What a warm and gracious man! We chatted about the resort industry (which I worked in for many years). I also met his brother. Did I mention what a greasy, messy-haired lady I was?

    The next morning at breakfast, Mr. Issa greeted me BY NAME.... Hair down, dress on (me, it him!). The Issa's stood in line with everyone else... Very unassuming. If you didn't know who they were, you'd think they were any other guests.

    Throughout the week, we saw them numerous times... I had laughs with one of them over the soft ice cream machine. So down to Earth, and yet observant of everything. The staff were all relaxed and happy around them...not stressed, jumpy and anxious. That's always been my experience with every hotel and resort I worked for...dread and anxiety when management or owners were present.

    It's so easy to see why Couples Is such a successful company.. Genuine, caring people are at the helm. For this I am so thankful. Now if they'd just hire me as a US liaison or something.....

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    We can totally relate! When we were at CSA for our wedding back in 2008 we met Lee. We were chatting with Leeís good friend Stanley, who started to talk about Lee and suggested we meet him. Likewise, we were beach messy, but Lee didnít seem to care one bit. He was casually dressed and looked like another guest. We sat outside the logo shop for ages talking about all sorts of things. What an interesting man he is. But he is also very interested in others, and asked us lots of questions. He even suggested we go and take a look at his catamaran which was anchored off the beach. (we didnít, but so nice to offer). We also saw him later on in the evening and he recognized us right away (remembered our names) and asked us to join them for a drink.

    So, fast forward past 3 more Couples resorts... We were just at CN recently and went to CSA for the day on a trading places. We were at the beach and noticed his cat there again. We looked around for him, but didnít see him. Too bad.

    So when did you meet Lee at CSA? Be funny if it was the same time we were there.

    Oh, and I higly recommend the book "Mr. Jamaica" about Abe Issa. It's a very interesting read about the Issa family, with lots of photos too. We picked it up at CSS, but noticed for sale at CN also.

    P.S. Does anyone know anything about Stanley? We hope he is doing well.

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    Just got back from CSA and my wife and I met Lee as well. I knew who he was but my wife didn't until I told her afterwards. He was charming, polite, and genuinely interested in our thoughts about our stay up until that point. I couldn't help but wonder whether the people in charge of the other major resorts spend that kind of time at their properties mingling with the guests. While I'd like to think so, it just seems pretty unlikely to me.

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    Apologies for my typo in this thread header!!

    Jamaican, we met the Issa's at CSA in October this year. They were there for the Anniversary week.

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    Oops....Stanley was there as well!!

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    We had the pleasure of meeting Stanley one year. There was a major snow storm in the Midwest and we had to detour all around the country to get to Jamaica. We arrived at CSA at 11:30 PM and met Stanley during our check in. He insisted on giving us a complete tour of the resort and then showing us our room. We kept telling him that we had been there before and we were very familiar with where everything was. He told us the whole history of the Issa family. Nice guy. Just likes to talk.

    Life is good

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