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    Default Mentally, I'm already there

    My wife and I and another couple are coming home to CN the 8th through the 12th. We were married there 2 years ago on the 6th which was the weekend of CN's Anniversary party. I planned this trip to coincide with the Anniversary party this year. Does anyone know the itinerary for the Anniversary weekend.5 days and counting!

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    we are already there with you. we are going to Swept Away on the 8th. the party for Swept Away is on the 9th, Couples Negril on the 10th and the golf tournament is sunday the 11th i believe.

    hope this helps,


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    Randy - I am SO jealous. We'll be at CTI in a few weeks, though (3 1/2). We decided to take advantage of the incredible specials and visit "the other side" this time. It makes it easier, since we already have May booked for CSA. Hope you get "our room." You'll love the BFS's.


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    Thanks for the info. Enjoy your trip!

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    Vee, thanks. we are so looking forward to our first stay in the original section. also our first trip not in April. say hi to Doug for us.


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    We right there with you and we don't even go until November 2010!
    Paula & Greg

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