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    Hi! here are a few non important questions that someone might be able to help me with... What is offered in the room service/continental breakfast? Is there a lot of fresh fruit at the morning buffet (my boyfriends likes a variety of fruits for breakfast)? Does anyone have any pics of the buffet or restaurant food photos from CTI after the renovation? What are some of your CTI favorite dishes I might want to order at the specialty restaurants?...first time going to any Couples in 83 days!
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    The continental room service offers coffee, tea, juice. Cereals, bread basket, tropical fruit, granolas and yogurts. But the breakfast buffet will have so much fruit your boyfriend will be overwhelmed!

    As for any specific foods, order them all! ;-)

    Here is a link to the old message board from a repeater who took some great pics post-renovation.

    You will LOVE CTI!!
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    Continental breakfast you pick what you want.

    This is what you fill out and put on your door. Also I have included pictures of the patio and Veranda. All the food they have is great, never had something I did not like.
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    thank you so much! I already love it!

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