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    Default Scatter flowers on the ground?

    We are planning our destination wedding at CN. One of the ideas that we have is to scatter dried rose petals on the ground. We would be bringing them along - its for sentimental reasons. How practical would this be for a beach wedding? Is there enough time to spread them on the ground before our ceremony? We don't want to leave litter and mess on the beach either, so would it be easy and convenient to pick the flower petals up following the ceremony?

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    You probably won't be able to "bring them along" as Jamaica, like every other country, doesn't allow live plants to be transported into the country. Most likely you can contact the wedding coordinator at CN and they could have that included as part of your ceremony. There shouldn't be any worries about the amount of time needed to scatter them as most places that do that usually have rose petals bagged up and can do that fairly quickly. As for leaving a mess on the beach...rose petals are biodegradable so shouldn't have to be removed. Best advice we can give is to call the wedding coordinator at CN directly. Hope you have a beautiful wedding at CN!!!

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