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    Default CSA Palm Construction

    Looks like the palms is being refurbished and a team of men appear to be working hard. The pool just outside of the palms is open.

    I read a post from someone else that recently visited CSA who said there is no need to worry about palms being close - this is true. Patios Patio runs fine and is very nice also. It took us a while to get a seat at the beach party though.

    Life is good at CSA.

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    I heard from a Staff member just today that they are moving back into Palms o Monday...right on schedule...

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    I have yet to ever see anyone in the pool outside of palms.

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    To IA Couple

    In all the years we've been going there, I've never seen anyone in that pool - unless they were taking a SCUBA class.

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    That would be because that pool is oh so cold! I have done the intro scuba thing twice in there and no team of horse could ever get me to go in for anything else! After about 5 minutes in there you are shivering...especially if you are in any area that has shade. The ocean is so much nicer. Actually the pool by Patois is not much warmer...

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