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    Default Construction and Room info -CSS

    We are thinking of CSS in April and I have two questions....

    I think the rooms we are most interested in are the Beachfront Suites. Are those all located in Blocks A and B, and are they the closest to Sunset Beach?

    I have heard rumors of construction/remodeling in some of the rooms at CSS. Is this likely to affect Beachfront Suites in early April?

    Thanks much!

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    Hi Roy,

    Yes the BFS are all in the A / B blocks. And yes they are the closest blocks to SSB. I don't know that I'd be too worried about them tearing into those blocks in April. We were there in September (while SSB was closed!!) they had one room gutted that they will be turning into a model room. From recent reports it sounds like it is still in the same state. Also I believe the IrieI posted that they are planning on doing the remodeling during the next slow season. I also doubt they will close both blocks at the same time.

    I've been following your posts on this site and another for several years now and would love to meet you sometime. We will be going back this next Sept but maybe our paths will cross someday. If they do I'll buy you a drink!

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    Thanks TravelwithWife!
    I would love to meet you folks at some point! Thanks for the info!
    All the best-

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    The model room should be done this week. It will have people in it over Christmas per the GM. When we were there last week they worked on it everyday. There wasn't much noise. They used mostly hand tools. That maybe a different story when they start doing blocks of rooms. We will be back in May. I tried to post some pictures of the work but something happened. The bathroom is smaller so I believe the tub will be smaller. There is no room for the large jetted tub. The closest is no longer in the bedroom. It's in the entry way. The wall was gone between the bedroom and the living room area making the bedroom larger with a seating area in it. We can't wait to see finished pictures.

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    My wife and I were planning on a trip to CSS in late August 2014, after reading this I have some doubts. I am not not sure what is considered the slow season. Since I was also planing to stay in the A/B blocks I may need to look at another resort, possibly CTI. We were really looking forward to CSS, but I would rather enjoy a quiet vacation than deal with construction issues.

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