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    Default Coloradojuli Are you hitched?


    I read on the Weddings Message Board that you were going to be at CN this week and getting married on the 18th!! Congratulations! I hope the ceremony is perfect and your new life together is all that you've dreamed of...

    Love IS lovelier the second time around... Best wishes to you and your new hubby!

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    Yes, we got hitched on the 18th. Everything went perfect except I dropped my earring and broke a section off. So I tried to break the other one to make it match and things just got worse from there. Ended up with really short earrings, but they still worked. Kinda funny.

    We had a fabulous time. Jeff LOVES CN and Jamaica and he is thrilled we are already booked for next year. He's wanting to figure out how we can swing going 2x per year. Love that man!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    very happy for you Juli. Congrats
    it's all about the kids

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    Congratulations to you both! Love the earring story! You should've taken pictures of them...

    Saw 2 of your pictures on the Wedding message board. You both looked happy. Are you going back at the same time next year?

    We are going back to CSA for our 4th time next August and renewing our vows for our 25th! Really getting excited. We just gave each other new wedding bands on Christmas, which we'll keep in a box until the big day.

    Would love to see more of your photos. Did you buy a picture package or CD?

    Again, Congrats on your new journey together!

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    Thanks! We did have a wonderful time. Wilton (the photographer) said we were a fun couple to work with. We were willing to do just about anything. The pictures were great, but they were very expensive. I had budgeted $300 for them. Since they are $20/picture I didn't get a lot. To get any type of package they start at $800. I just didn't plan to spend that much money.

    I'd post more pictures, but I have a Macbook and the photos are on iPhoto and I have no idea how to find them on iPhoto to post them to the message board. Really bites as I want to blow a few of them up and have canvas photos made of them. Not sure what to do.

    We do plan on going back next year and already have our reservations for the 15 - 23 of December. We are so excited and once again counting down the days.

    Your vow renewal will be fabulous. Just be prepared if you want any type of photo package. The $800 gets you 50 photos and a book. I don't think it gives you the negative though.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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