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    Default Appletons Rum Estate tours?

    Hello All,
    Does anyone happen to know if there are tour available to appleton's rum estate? Are they worth the effort? What area is the estate located in? Prices? Appletons is my fave rum by far so I thought we may take a peak. Thanks.

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    Yes, there is a tour available. I really liked it when we did it. However, it is a long trip. We combined it with two other tours that day. I, personally, wouldn't make that long of a trip just for the rum tour. Our tour went Black River, YS Falls, then the rum tour. From Appleton to CSA was about 90 min. If you are at CN, add another 5. I can't say wether it's offered at CTI or CSS.

    I think the price for all three was something like 100/person. At the end of the tour you get a tasting. This involved our group in a little room that was built like an old saloon. They put out every rum they make and little plastic cups and tell you to drink as much as you want. It was pretty cool.

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    In answer to your question. YES there are tours of the estate. Keep in mind that they are only on certain days.

    It's about an 2 hour ride plus to the coastal area. I would suggest adding maybe a stop at YS Falls also to make a day of your adventure.

    Appleton Estate is located Northeast of Black River in Saint Elizabeth Parish near the village of Magotty. If you have the program Google Earth just insert Appleton Rum Estate, Jamaica.

    You can arrange this trip when you are at the resort or book with an off resort tour service.

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    Distillery is sited beside the Black River in one of the most beautiful valleys in Jamaica, south of Montego Bay.

    The Tour:
    You can savor these award-winning rums after you tour the distillery and learn the details of the distilling process from sugarcane, molasses, sugar, to wine and rum. Bar, gift shop, souvenirs and snacks are available

    Other Information.
    I do not know what resort you are staying at, but here in the cost information from CTI or CSS.

    The tour is nice and not a waste of time.
    Irie Mon

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    Default Hi

    Personally I was a little disapointed with the tour. Only the distillation process is carried out at the Appleton Estate then they ship the alcohol in tankers to Kingston to be aged, blended and bottled so it only seemed like half of a tour to us. That said the estate is very nice and you get to learn some of the history of Appleton’s and about some of the other products produced by J. Wray & Nephew Limited such as their Blue Mountain Mist coffee liqueur.
    For us the drive from CN to the estate was as interesting as the tour itself, you get to see some of the beautiful interior sections of Jamaica. And if you thought the drive to CN was a challenge then you are in for a real treat with some of the roads to the Estate, all I can say is that we are glad we had a very capable driver to get us there.
    FONT="Verdana"]David and Jeanette, Nova Scotia[/FONT][/FONT]

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    Thanks! It is good that the rum trip includes a trip to YS falls also. That was the only downside to booking in Negil as I want to go to some falls. Now we can both! The adventure sounds awesome and I will be sure to book it upon arrival! If I can get my hubby to leave the resort....I am ssure that will be a problem! But I am sure I will find a way to bribe him, Thanks for the info!

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