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    We went to CN February 2009, April 2010, April 2011, December 2011, April 2012. While sitting on the beach on the second day of the 2012 trip I thought "what am I doing here again? I'm bored. I've done this too many times." So I went and got a cocktail, grabbed my floaty and went into the water. Then I realized that everything was just exactly perfect. It just took me a little while to get rid of the NJ stress and just chill.

    A few days later my wife told me she had the same thoughts, but they soon passed. I think it is important to remember that at some point familiarity may create thoughts of disappointment. But now that I am aware of that, I easily just push that out of my mind and soak in all of the good times. We are doing CN in April, CSS in December 2014 and likely CN April 2015 (God willing). With 3 trips in a 12 month span (yep, we're spoiled ) I fully expect to run into the familiarity problem again. But I am willing if that is a burden I must bear.

    (related in a weird way) Back in the day I was a big Deadhead...went to 142 shows. I think about 36 of them were at Madison Square Garden - that was sort of like my living room at one point (they would do 9 shows in a run at MSG sometimes and I would go to all 9). I vividly recall thinking "this will all come to an end someday", so I made sure to be in the moment and soak it all in, creating clear memories for the future. I do that at CN - try to be in the moment and enjoy it all.

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    We honeymooned at CN and had the same fear when planning our 2nd anniversary trip so we decided on CSA to try something new. Although CSA was wonderful and we had a great time we did the trading places to CN for a day and immediately felt "at home." We walked to our old room and then walked the path we always walked to the beach and by habit found loungers in the same area of the beach we stayed all during our honeymoon (we are creatures of habit). I was so sad to leave CN that day and made my husband promise we'd return on our 5th anniversary. April 2014 will be our 5th and we are going back to CN and I couldn't be happier. I'm so excited for the familiarity and "at home" feeling again. No worries, you'll have a great time! I'd suggest doing a trading places to CSA to get a little change of pace and see how another Couples resort is.

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    I am also a deadhead and didn't want to miss any shows either, son I know how you feel. We are new to couples and return in Aprill of 2014 so I will see if We get that feeling of being at our 2nd home. I think we will because we had such agood time in Sept 2013, we too are creatures of habit. The good thing is if we get board with CSS we can try another resort in the Couples cain.

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    lynzee - I think we are going to be there at the same time. We'll meet you at the pool bar .

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    To All:

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread. It's awesome to see all the different point of views and opinions. We're so very excited to return "home" again. Countdown is now at 59 days........BOOM

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    4th trip to CN in 20 days since 2009...hope for a million more!
    Holly Irvin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Back in the day I was a big Deadhead...went to 142 shows….so I made sure to be in the moment and soak it all in, creating clear memories for the future.
    As a Deadhead myself Bert, I commend you for "creating clear memories for the future!" LOL!!

    We've been to CSA 9 times, and every time has its own fun….we live halfway across the world now, and CSA isn't an option for us, but when we move closer to Jamaica, you can bet our first vacay will be to our favorite resort!!

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    We went to CSA for the second time with an interval of 7 years between visits (visited CSS 6 years ago). We delayed so long because it is a hassle getting from Denver to Jamaica. I just posted on Trip Advisor with the title, it's worth it.

    We remembered how much we loved CSA, but had lost a lot of the details. Our experience was that we still loved CSA, but there were something that had changed that we didn't think was better. For instance, I don't think Feathers is as elegant as it used to be when it was across the street and open air. And as has been mentioned many times, the shower design is flawed. I think they must have tested it without anyone standing under the shower head with the water bouncing off them unto the bathroom floor. What I'm saying is you probably will experience some things differently the second time around. I'd say go with the flow.

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    After 76 trips to CTI alone (78 to Couples Resorts) we always look forward to our next trip not knowing what new to expext. It just gets better and better.

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